Black Friday Apple Airpods Max Deal: Save $70

Apple AirPods Max Amazon deal


Grab The Apple Airpods Max Deal Here

If you’re looking to pick up a new set of high-end headphones, this Apple AirPods Max Amazon deal is too good to pass up on.

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Normally retailing for $549, this early Black Friday deal knocks 13 percent off the asking price, saving a massive $70 and lowering the price to $479. That’s a pretty killer deal, and if you’re after some new cans that reproduce music accurately, you won’t go wrong with the Apple AirPods Max. That is, unless you’re a gamer, in which case I’d say check out the Bose QuietComfort gaming headset that’s also on offer for Black Friday right now.

How Do The Apple AirPods Max Sound?

Apple AirPods Max Shots


It doesn’t matter how flashy a set of headphones are, if they can’t accurately reproduce sound then what’s the point? The AirPods Max aren’t quite reference quality headphones, but if you’re after something with a wide enough soundstage to be able to pick out individual elements with no overlap, you’re in luck.

Vocals are given enough space to permeate in and around mids, bass has enough punch to feel warm, and highs have a certain kick to them.

One thing to note, you won’t be able to get the full lossless audio experience from the AirPods Max, but that’s due to them being wireless rather than a criticism. Throw in a lightning-to-3mm-cable to make them wired and you’ll get much closer to lossless.

What I will say, most people can’t tell the difference between wireless and wired anyway. Dogs can, people not so much. The only reason I can is because my job is literally to test out different headphones, and even then I wouldn’t say it’s enough of an improvement to be worth the extra hassle. For hardcore audiophiles, sure, maybe it’s worth going the extra mile. For everyone else who just wants to enjoy music that sounds amazing, you’ll be fine going wireless.

How Is The Active Noise Cancelation (ANC)?

If there’s one thing Apple knows it’s how to block out sound, and the AirPods Max excels in this department and even manages to outperform Sony’s WH-1000XM4 headphones and the Sony WH-XB910N, that latter of which also has an early Black Friday deal on at the moment.

They also feature a rather brilliant transparency mode, which works by utilizing mics to amplify certain sounds to match the sound level of the music so you can hear them. Think someone saying ‘excuse me’ or asking for the time. Instead of lowering the volume of the music so you can hear them, the AirPods Max increases important external sound so it’s audible. It’s pretty incredible, and it’s these kinds of cutting-edge features that help to justify the cost. Even without this Apple AirPods Max Amazon deal, they’re still worth every penny, though the saving definitely helps.

What Is Spatial Audio?

One of Apple’s latest pushes to differentiate itself from the competition is spatial audio. Think of this as surround sound. When using a compatible service (like Apple Music), dynamic head-tracking creates the feeling of being in a theater. For music, this is an acquired taste, but for movies or tv shows, it really is transformative and well worth checking out.


Apple AirPods Max Amazon What's in the box


Despite being a slightly heavier set of headphones, the AirPods Max are an example of how to mix comfort with a premium look. The mesh netting on the aluminum headband may not be to everyone’s liking visually, but they feel sturdy and won’t fall off your head unless you’re in a mosh pit.

As for the controls, we’re moving into futuristic tech here. Volume and playback controls are found in the digital crown on the right earcup. You can also, thanks to a small sensor, take the headphones off to pause playback and pop them back on to resume. I did say it was futuristic.

What Color Options Are Available?

The Apple AirPods Max are available in five colors, namely green, pink, silver, blue, and gray.

Should You Pick Them Up?

This comes down to one question: Do you want something with a gorgeous sound profile that features the latest cutting-edge tech? If you answered yes, you’ve found a set of headphones that are going to last you for years to come. If the latest tech isn’t your thing, or the price tag puts you off, you could always opt for something a little less pretentious like the Soul Emotion Max to keep you going.

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