Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Prime Day Deal: Save Over $200

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Gaming can be an expensive hobby. And one of the most expensive aspects of it is getting yourself a worthy gaming desk that you’ll be spending hours and hours sitting at.

Luckily for your wallet, Arozzi has a fantastic Amazon Prime Day deal on its 63-inch Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk. At nearly 50% off, you’re getting yourself an awesome new gaming desk while saving yourself over $200.

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A Gaming Desk Designed to Fit You

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Full

All the room you need and more.

The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is unique from most in that it can be adjusted to ensure it fits your specific body type. By simply loosening the desk’s screws, you can set the Arena to the perfect height that promises you comfortability for hours on end.

After you get the desk to its ideal vertical alignment, just retighten the screws and adjust its feet to ensure stability. Once you get it to your liking, your days of hunching down or overextending your arms due to your desk being too high or too low are over.


Cables? What Cables?

One of the most underrated features of the Arozzi Arena is its cable management system. The gaming desk has a trio of cutouts within it and its mousepad surface to ensure that your various gaming cables stay hidden from view.

Beneath the desk is black netting that keeps all your cords organized and unseen. Promising that no matter how many devices you have plugged in, it won’t look like you have an insanely crowded mess of cords hanging just below the surface.


A Big Ol’ Gaming Desk  with a  Big  Ol’ Mousepad

The Arozzi Arena is a behemoth of a desk with a length of 63 inches. It’s wide too with a width of over 32 inches. For those doing the math, that’s 14 square feet of real estate to work with. Making it easily capable of handling a three monitor setup with plenty of room to spare.

All 14 square feet of the desk is covered by Arozzi’s water-resistant machine-washable microfiber mousepad surface. It’s a hefty mousepad, weighing in at 7 pounds. Promising that there’s no way this thing will be sliding around on your desk during intense gaming sessions.

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Swedish Design with the Gamer in Mind

The Arozzi Arena was crafted by a team of Swedish designers to be as gamer-friendly as possible. It’s sizeable enough to handle a trio of monitors and plenty of other desktop accessories. And with that in mind, it’s capable of easily handling weight capacities of over 175 pounds.

If you occasionally take your gaming on the go, the Arena has you covered as it’s comprised of a trio of sections that are easy to put together and take apart. The all-metal base always provides a feeling of stability. And should you not be a fan of red and black, the Arena is available in other color combos such as black and blue, black and green, all black, and white and black with red accents.

Buy the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Here

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