ASUS Chromebook Prime Day Deal: Save $90

ASUS Chromebook Prime Day Deal


Grab The ASUS Chromebook Prime Day Deal Here

With homeschooling all the rage, there’s never been a better time to pick up a good Chromebook. And with a saving of $90, this ASUS Chromebook Prime Day deal is an absolute steal.

If you’ve not heard the term Chromebook before, they’re essentially laptops, only without the ridiculously high price tag. Great, I know!

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The main difference between a Chromebook and a more traditional laptop is the operating system. When shopping for a (pricey) laptop, you’ll normally be looking at something that runs Windows. Chromebooks, on the other hand, run on Android, which may be the same operating system as your phone, just super-charged with more options.

ASUS Flip Prime Day Deal


ASUS Chromebook Flip C433 2-in-1 – Why You Should Buy

The ASUS Chromebook Flip C433 2-in-1 has a lot going for it. With 8GB of RAM this thing is going to be crazy fast. We’re talking mere seconds to go from off to loaded up and ready to go. Whether it’s browsing the Internet, watching videos, writing, or work, the ASUS Chromebook Flip can do it all and then some. 

Also just to point out, this deal actually makes it cheaper than the 4GB equivalent. I did say it was a great deal.

In terms of space, you’ve got 64GB of eMMC storage. That is a lot of space for a Chromebook. Although Windows laptops often come with larger hard drives, Chromebooks are designed to work with online storage (though they can be used offline), so any files you need can be saved to Google Drive or whichever online storage you use. I use my Chromebook for work, I’m using it right now in fact, and while my storage is mostly taken up by music I’ve still got a ton of space left. 64GB of space is more than enough for a Chromebook.

It’s also worth noting, this Chromebook features an eMMC hard drive, which in simple terms means it’s a hard drive that’s been designed to organize data more orderly so the whole system runs faster. Speed is key when it comes to Chromebooks.

Elsewhere the ASUS Chromebook Flip comes with two USB Type-C ports, one Type-A port, and a rather stylish backlit chiclet keyboard. It’s also a 2-in-1 Chromebook, meaning you can use it as both a Chromebook or flip the screen over and use it as a tablet thanks to the 14-inch HD touch-sensitive screen. Honestly, that’s one cool feature if you plan on using this Chromebook for more than just work. Taking a break from work to watch a YouTube video or a movie is never going to get old.

Why Pick a Chromebook Over a Windows Laptop?

I’ve been told I need to get a real laptop so many times and every time I’ve ignored the advice. The reason being, laptops only last around three to five years. If you’re spending $600+ for an okay Windows laptop, and it starts struggling after three years, you’re going to feel short-changed. With a Chromebook, the low cost means it’s much easier to replace without breaking the bank. Sure, you won’t be able to play the latest video games on a Chromebook due to it using the Google Play Store for games, but if you’re buying it for work, home learning, or general Internet usage, it’s not an issue.

The other main factor is speed. Chromebooks use a type of solid-state hard drives (eMMC), which when paired with a solid amount of RAM and a capable mobile processor results in a massive amount of speed. To get a laptop as fast as a Chromebook, you’re going to need to spend a lot (and then it’ll die in three to five years).

Seriously, if you’ve never tried a Chromebook before, I cannot recommend making the jump enough. I switched from Windows to ChromeOS around two years ago and I’ve never looked back.

Grab The ASUS Chromebook Prime Day Deal Here

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