Barbie Dreamhouse Black Friday Deal

Barbie Dreamhouse Black Friday Deal

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UPDATE: Alas poor Yorrick, this deal has since expired. If you’re still after some savings, be sure to check out the best Cyber Monday toy deals available right now.


If there’s been one rise back to the top in 2020, it’s Barbie. So if you’re on the hunt for the best Barbie Dreamhouse Black Friday Deal, you’ve come to the right place.

Although this is subject to change as the day progresses, as of right now the best Barbie Dreamhouse deal is the one over at Amazon.

That deal sees the $199.99 price slashed to a much more palatable $179. Granted it’s not the largest saving in the world, but it’s enough of a saving if you’re looking to buy a few extra dolls or playsets. And let’s be real here. Any saving on this must-have gift is a good saving. As my Gran used to say, ‘It all adds up’.

What Is the Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse?

Obviously, it’s a dollhouse. I know, shocking. But what else does it come with and how big is it?

For a start, this thing is massive. It’s 8.5 x 30 x 30 inches to be exact. Yeah, big. It’s big for a reason, though. This dollhouse has three floors featuring a kitchen, patio area, living area, bathroom, and a spacious bedroom.

Each room comes fully decorated with a ton of modern detail and, yes, there are loads of different pieces of furniture to decorate each room as you see fit.

And because Barbie is for everyone, this playset features a wheelchair ramp and a moveable elevator. How cool is that?

The Barbie Dreamhouse also features lights and sounds that really helps bring a new sense of realism to role-playing, which leads us into…

Why Is Role-Playing So Important?

I will always, always recommend things like this Barbie Dreamhouse Black Friday deal for one simple reason: Role-play is integral to a child’s development.

Although it may look like normal play, when a child role-plays, they’re learning through play. Picture a child’s tea party. In this scenario they’re learning how to talk to other kids (who are dolls in this example), developing stronger motor control through the pouring of the teapot, and practicing speech.

The same logic can be applied to dolls. Any toys that let a child go on adventures or role-play is an excellent use of stealth-learning.

So when they say they want dolls, get them dolls. It’ll benefit them.

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