Black Friday DNA Test Kit Deals: Save Up to 50%

Black Friday DNA Test Kit Deals

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Sometimes it turns out that your family’s history doesn’t actually match all those stories that have been passed down by grandma, so if you’re curious to find out more accurate information about your health and heritage, these Black Friday DNA test kit deals are ripe for the picking. At up to 50% off, these kits can give you important clues from the past that may inform your future and connect you to relatives and family history you never knew.

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Save 50% On 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service: Personal Genetic DNA Test

23andMe dna test kit

23andMe23andMe DNA Test Kit

Lauded for its incredible health insights, the 23andMe DNA Test kit has so much to offer. This test kit provides your ancestry composition and where in the world your DNA is from across more than 2,000 regions. One thing you’ll really appreciate about the 23andMe kit is that it automatically starts your family tree using your DNA information, while others require you to build that yourself.

This kit uses your DNA to predict your likelihood of developing certain diseases such as Type-2 Diabetes, late-onset Alzheimers, and Celiac disease. It also analyzes lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, and sleep to help inform your future behaviors, and help you live your best life.

With 150 personalized DNA reports, you’ll gain new insights about yourself and your family that you can share. With this 23andMe Black Friday deal, you’ll save 50% off the regular price which saves you $100.

Get the 23andMe DNA Test Kit for $99

45% Off AncestryHealth: Genetic Ethnicity + Traits + Health

AncestryHealth DNA Test Kit

AncestryAncestryHealth: Genetic Ethnicity + Traits + Health

While DNA tests have been around since the 1900s, Ancestry was the first to make DNA information widely available to consumers through their DNA test kit. Filled with insights about your ethnicity and DNA matches, it also provides a historical timeline for your ancestors so you can see their movements from the ancient past to now.

Using next-generation sequencing technology, this kit can identify 25 key traits, plus gives you health and wellness reports along with a family health history tool. Empowered with that information, you can determine if you want to pursue genetic counseling for predispositions to certain diseases.

This test is so simple. With a simple spit into a tube, you send your kit in and get the results in a matter of 4-6 weeks. What’s interesting about the Ancestry kit is that your original genetic reports will continue to evolve as they get more information in their database, and some of those changes will likely be surprising and interesting.

Keep in mind, this kit with health insights is not available in New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island, but you can get the basic Ancestry Genetic Ethnicity Test for 40% off if you have family members living in those states.

With this Ancestry DNA sale, you can get this DNA test kit for 45% off the regular price. Make it a family affair and get kits for your parents and siblings for Christmas. The results will make for lively family discussions in the future!

Save 45% on the AncestryHealth DNA Test Kit

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