Black Friday Deal: Up to $200 Off Nebula Projectors

nebula black friday deal


I love portable projectors. The spirit of the handheld DVD player lives on every time someone uses one of Nebula’s portable projectors. And that should be a lot more people now thanks to this killer Black Friday projector deal. Through Black Friday weekend, you can take up to $200 off select Nebula projectors, including their highly-rated Nebula Cosmos and their portable Nebula Caspule Max. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

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$200 Off Nebula Cosmos FHD 1080p Projector

The Cosmos FHD 1080p Projector is one of Nebula’s top-of-the-line projectors and for a limited time you can score one for $200 under MSRP. According to price tracker CamelCamelCamel, the price has only been lower once, so this is definitely a juicy discount.

The projector itself is quite impressive, as it is able to throw a 1080p picture up to 120 inches in size. Its lamp has a max brightness of 900 ANSI Lumens too, making it a fairly vivid picture during the daytime. It supports HDR10 too, so you can get some pretty decent contrast as well. You can also add solid built-in speakers and the Android TV 9.0 UI to the checklist as well.

For a better picture, you can watch this brief video review below by YouTubers Kurtis & Chelsey.

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$120 Off Nebula Anker Solar FHD 1080p Projector

If the Nebula Cosmos feels a little rich for your blood, you’ll still get a solid picture out of the Nebula Anker Solar FHD 1080p Projector, which is currently discounted by $120. You’ll miss out on the HDR10 support and see a reduction of brightness at only about 400 ANSI lumens, but it still has a great 1080p picture with a large max image size.

Motion is clean and colors feel faithful. The contrast could be better but not by much at this price point. Like the Nebula Cosmos, this projector also has built-in Dolby Digital speakers and uses the Android TV 9.0 UI to provide you access to your favorite streaming content sources.

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$50 Off Anker Nebula Capsule Max Mini Projector

Though its discount is only modest at best, the Anker Nebula Capsule Max Mini Projector is still worth keeping your eye on as it is one of the best pico projectors available. It is only about the size of a soda can yet it can expand a 720p image up to 100 inches.

With a max brightness of 200 ANSI Lumens, this projector is best used at night or with the windows covered. But the plus side is you can use it virtually anywhere. Yep, it is battery-powered and has enough juice on one charge to play 4 hours of content. Simply connect via HDMI, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Chromecast and you are good to go.

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$50 Off Nebula Capsule Mini Projector

The Nebula Capsule Mini is the older version of the Nebula Capsule Max, and is, therefore, both more expensive and less feature-packed than the newer model. That said, goods sell out fast on Black Friday and if you can’t get ahold of the Nebula Max, this makes a good plan B. To that point, it is still on sale for $50 off while supplies last, so it somewhat accounts for the value you lose not going with the Nebula Max.

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Are Nebula Projectors Good?

While it is fairly common knowledge which TV brands are hot and which are not, things are not as clear cut in the consumer projector realm. And so you may find yourself wondering if Nebula projectors are any good? Well, the short answer is yes, they are. But things are always more complicated than they seem.

For example, you might compare Nebula to other “name” brands like Bose in that they always deliver quality but not always price value. Yes, their projectors deliver impressive brightness and quality but they are often outclassed by Chinese brands in their price range.

Thankfully, this is a shortcoming that is easy to overlook during Black Friday week (or month). A healthy dose of limited-time deals can easily negate this issue, making them a clear pick for value shoppers and clout chasers alike.

As for build quality, the Nebula projectors feel durable and well-built. This is also true for Anker products, which are made by Nebula’s parent company.

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