Blendtec Prime Day Deal: Save Up To $300 On Blenders

Soup season is upon us, folks, and if you’re in need of a blender to help you achieve kitchen perfection, look no further than Blendtec and this awesome Blendtec blender deal on  Amazon Prime Day, saving you up to $300!

Known for their patented blade technology, high-powered motors, and intuitive designs, a Blendtec Blender has all the bells and whistles you need to amp up your cooking game – and margarita nights.

Throughout Amazon Prime Day Blendtec Prime Day deals will be announced.  For the latest and greatest offers, see below:

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Why Buy A Blendtec Blender?

You've seen the infomercials, right? Blendtec has put their appliances to the test for years, blending up phones, markers, diamonds, and more. By now, the better question is, what won't a Blendtec Blender blend?

As one of the best blender manufacturers on the market today, Blendtec makes a mean kitchen appliance. Their line of powerful, professional-grade blenders will have you whipping up perfectly blended soups, salsas, smoothies, margaritas, and more in no time!

While each model varies slightly, every Blendtec Blender features the following:

  • Patented Blade Technology - a dull blade, made of 80% thicker stainless steel that's 10x stronger than any other blender blade on the market. And, yes, it's a dull blade. No more cuts or pokes while using this machine.
  • Pre-Programmed Settings - the number of settings varies by model, but all Blendtec Blenders feature a variety of pre-programmed functions making your blending projects easier than ever. Some models even feature smart technology, helping you select the right setting so that your blended creations turn out perfect.
  • Noise-Reducing Motor - Blendtec has worked to reduce the amount of noise their appliances make. Thanks to acoustic damping material and internal sound baffling, this is one quiet machine.
  • Self-Cleaning Functionality - cleaning your Blendtec Blender is as easy as adding water, a bit of soap, and turning it on. That's it! Clean and ready to use again in less than a minute. Pretty cool, huh?

What Can I Make With My Blendtec Blender?

The possibilities are endless with a Blendtec Blender! Soups and smoothies are the obvious choices, but Blendtec's technology makes it possible to make so many other amazing snacks, meals, and beverages of all kinds.

Think about hummus, salsa, margaritas, daiquiris, and more! And, here's the really cool thing about all Blendtec Blenders: the motor is so powerful that it generates enough friction to heat soup as it pulverizes the ingredients. Ingredients, that you don't even need to chop, slice or cut in advance.

Blendtec Blenders are definitely a must-have kitchen appliance for any home cook at any level.

Don't wait! This Blendtec blender Prime Day deal won't last! 

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