Breville Polyscience Prime Day Deal: Save 44% On The Smoking Gun Pro

Breville Polyscience Prime Day Deal

Breville Polyscience

You know that old saying, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” In the case of The Smoking Gun Pro, where there’s smoke there’s flavor! This small smoke infuser adds just the right hint of wood smoke to fish, meat, and all sorts of other unexpected foods, adding umami, that fifth category of taste that increases overall flavor and richness. With this Breville Polyscience Prime Day Deal, you can get The Smoking Gun Pro for 44% off!

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Get 44% Off The Smoking Gun Pro

Professional Smoke Infusion

Breville Polyscience Prime Day Deal

Breville PolyscienceSmoke fish, meat, and more.

While you might be accustomed to the thought of smoked meat and fish, adding a touch of smoke to fruits, vegetables, and even cocktails can give them an unexpected flavor profile that will surprise and delight. Whether you’re the one who loves to experiment in the kitchen or you’re a chef, this tool will definitely give your dishes an unexpected edge. The robust housing makes The Smoking Gun Pro suitable for restaurant use, and at the price, it’s a unique way to elevate both taste and presentation.

How Does It Work?

Cold smoking gently infuses a measured amount of natural wood smoke to enhance flavors without cooking or preserving foods, and without changing textures or temperatures. The Smoking Gun is easy to use for infusion or finishing with a variety of smokey flavors and aromas. Your selection of combustibles is limited only by your imagination and can include various wood chips, teas, herbs, spices, hay, and even dried flowers. Imagine infusing lavender flowers into ice cream, or herbs into a craft cocktail. Literally, anything is possible.

The removable anodized smoking chamber allows your combustible to slowly burn and infuse your chosen dish via a hose that can be placed under a glass cloche, plastic wrap, foil, or even into your blender. Left for a long time, food and drinks will taste smokier. A short infusion will just leave that hint of smokey flavor.

If you use a unique serving dish, stone slab, or salt block, you definitely don’t want to miss that sense of drama when you’re serving, because when you first lift that cloche, the air will be scented as the smoke dissipates around your guests. So cool.

Everything You Need is Included

The Smoking Gun Pro package includes replacement smoke screens, a wood chip sample pack with a half-ounce each of apple and hickory wood, four AA batteries, complete instructions, and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This smoker is compact and easy to store and transport anywhere when you want to impress with your wicked culinary prowess.

Better yet, cleanup is seriously simple. This mini-smoking tool disassembles easily without tools. Just wipe the gun clean with a damp cloth, and the detachable burn chamber and smoking barrel are dishwasher-safe.

Why Would You Smoke Foods?

Whether you want to give just a kiss of the campfire to something you cooked in the oven, or you want to lend a traditional smoke flavor to something more expected like salmon or ribs, the scent of smoke triggers potent memories, per this article by Robin Asbell. True. It may be something from your childhood, or even something more primordial. Whichever it might be, smoked foods are enticing, tasty, and sometimes, an unexpected treat for family and friends.

With this Breville Polyscience Prime Day Deal, get The Smoking Gun Pro for 44% off.

Get The Smoking Gun Pro for 44% Off

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