Casper Sleep Prime Day Deal: Save Up to $159

Casper Sleep Prime Day Deal

Casper Sleep

You simply can’t underestimate the value of a good night’s rest, and with this Casper Sleep Prime Day Deal, you’ll save up to $159 on one of America’s most popular mattress brands. The Casper Element mattress is good for all styles of sleepers, and at these prices, it’s a great time to upgrade your bed for sweet dreams ahead.

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Save Up to $159 on the 2020 Casper Element Mattress

Price: $636

Support and Cooling Comfort for All Sleepers

The Casper Element mattress offers the perfect combination of support and cooling with soft and firm layers that create a perfect balance for every body type, so whether you’re a side, back, or a tummy sleeper, you’re going to get exactly what you need. A layer of AirScape™ perforated foam increases airflow so you’ll stay cool and comfy all night long. It offers a touch of softness and bounce.

The durable memory foam base has been engineered to prevent sinking and sagging while providing awesome support for your whole body. This mattress naturally contours to fit and cradle your curves and support pressure points, so you’ll sleep more soundly without hot spots or aches and pains that you might get from a traditional coil-spring mattress.

This bed-in-a-box arrives ready to deliver great sleep. It will expand within minutes and, while it can have a mild scent upon unboxing, that aroma will dissipate within a few hours in a well-ventilated room.

Easy to Clean Zip-Off Cover

The Casper Element has an easy to clean upholstery-grade zip-off cover so you’ll be assured of keeping your bed as well as your bedding fresh at all times. Eco-friendly, the cover is made with recycled materials and it’s designed to withstand years of use. The knitted material features four-way stretch, ensuring you’ll feel the full benefits of the mattress layers below.

100 Days to Fall in Love

This mattress is ideal for platform bed frames as well as adjustable bases. Better yet, you’ll rest easy knowing you have 100 days to fall in love with your Casper Element or you can return it for free with a 100% refund. The Element also comes with a ten-year limited warranty. There are awesome Prime Day discounts on the 2020 edition Casper Element mattress in queen, full, and twin sizes as well.

Why Is Good Sleep Worth the Investment?

You might be wondering whether or not to invest in a new mattress, and while these Prime Day Deals make it a good time, it’s always critcal to your overall health to get high-quality sleep. When you don’t sleep well, you’re more at risk for obesity, heart disease, and stroke say the experts at Healthline. But there are plenty of other good reasons to get a good night’s sleep, from increased athletic performance to improved concentration and productivity.

You can also improve your sleep by adding breathable cooling sheets and cooling pillows to your bed ensemble. Cooling sheets are especially helpful for sweaty sleepers because they wick away heat and moisture while increasing evaporation to keep you cool. Cooling pillows rely on similar technology to mattresses including ventilated foam and gel toppers, although some even use internal water bladders.

Get 20% Off 2020 Casper Element Mattresses

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