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Citizen is one of the most popular watch brands in the world for a good reason. The brand makes an exceptionally beautiful watch that is made to last a long time. If saving money on a gorgeous watch is your goal this Prime Day then you have come to the right place. Check out these discounts of up to 78% on the best Citizen watches in the game.

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Save 68% on the Citizen  Eco-Drive Calendrier Watch

This watch is eye-catching and with the Prime Day deal available is relatively inexpensive. The list price on this watch is $375 but you can buy it at a 68% discount this Prime Day. Don’t sleep on this watch deal. With a classic and cool face and gorgeous leather strap, this watch will slide into your daily routine nicely. The Eco-Drive watch is powered by light so it never needs a battery. It’s water-resistant up to 100m and features a really durable body.

Price: $131.99

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Save Over $456 on Citizen Eco-Drive Navihawk Watch

Just by looking at this Citizen watch, you can tell it probably has a higher price tag, but with this awesome Prime Day deal, you can get this $725 watch for 62% below list price. That is an insane discount that you should seriously take advantage of. The watch offers an almost futuristic look with the timeless elegance of the Citizen brand. The silver and stainless-steel look will pair well with your most formal and most casual outfits. The guy on your list is going to love sliding this watch on his wrist every day.

Price: $268.99

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Save 66% on this Citizen Eco-Drive Chandler Field Watch

Perhaps the guy on your shopping list is in need of a new watch but has very simple tastes. This Citizen Field Watch is a perfect mix of Citizen technology and a classic look. The clean, black face of the watch is easy to understand and really stands out amongst the white numbers and hands. Listed as a tactical watch this is a great pick for service members and outdoorsy guys. The green nylon band is comfortable and highly durable making it the ideal choice for the adventurer on your list. At 66% off this watch is a steal.

Price: $75.99

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Save 64% off Citizen Eco-Drive Quartz Titanium Watch

This Eco-Drive from Citizen has a simple elegance to it. A straight forward face and dial make for a really cool watch that will look great with any outfit. The Eco-Drive is so popular among watch wearers because it is powered by light, any light, and never needs a battery. Combine that fact with the fact that this watch is originally a $450 watch being offered for 64% off on Prime Day and this is a home run gift to give.

Price: $161.99

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Save 50% off Citizen Chandler Quartz Sports Watch

There are a ton of different looks when it comes to a modern sports watch. Citizen designed a great looking watch that has the shape and details of a more formal watch but the durability and versatility of a sports watch. The watch has an easy to read face with multiple dials and a cool blue face. The mix of blue and silver makes for an attractive watch that any guy would be lucky to receive as a gift. The watch is also heavily discounted for Prime Day at 50% off the original list price.

Price: $161.99

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While these Citizen watch deals are all amazing there are a few more out there in different sizes and styles. The good news is that no matter the watch, Citizen makes a quality product and ALL of the deals are outstanding. Check out some of the other deals on Citizen watches for Prime Day.

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