17 Best Deals on Craftsman Tools for Christmas (Updated!)

lWith that Christmas red color scheme and a reputation for quality as old as Santa Claus, Craftsman tools will be very welcome under your tree this year. Check out our list of best Craftsman products that will bring joy to all the handy people you plan on giving them to.

Whether it’s a present for a special do-it-yourselfer or maybe to jump-start your college kid’s tool collection, Craftsman tools will always be a hit during the holidays. Don’t wait, however: no one knows how long these deals might stick around.

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When is Christmas in 2020?

This year, Christmas Eve is Thursday, December 24, and Christmas Day on Friday, December 25. There's no use looking back. Thanksgiving and the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend are over and we're in the final stages of landing this sleigh for the Big Day.

Even though the crazy deal weekend is over, that doesn't mean you can't still take advantage of some bargains to cross off your shopping list. But you'd better hurry: Santa is on his way.

Act now to make sure all of your orders are sent to your home on time before it's too late. If you don't already belong to Amazon Prime, now's your chance to join for free (and guaranteed) two-day shipping.

Get it all done now so you can truly enjoy the season of Christmas. Don't worry about the cookies, hug your family, and enjoy yourselves during this stressful (yet wonderful) time of year.

Are Craftsman Tools Any Good? 

Craftsman has been making tools for almost 100 years. Initially a premium brand focusing on electric tools for powerful, rugged construction, Craftsman became known as a well-balanced and easily handled tool manufacturer. 

Their association with Sears & Roebuck brought Craftsman to the forefront of the do-it-yourselfer across America with their prominence in catalogs that became a social phenomenon. As time went on, Craftsman remained competitive through price and quality including a lifetime warranty.

World War II and the post-war boom made Craftsman a household name. Mobile sales trucks, Vanadium steel, and quick-release ratchet wrenches were just some of the innovations that Craftsman brought to life.

These days and millions of sales later, Craftsman is a reliable source of tools to countless handymen and handywomen across the USA. They're now owned by Black+Decker and can be found in many hardware stores as well as online. They continue to innovate to bring a cost-efficient, high-quality tool series to the market.

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