Samsung Cyber Monday Deal: Save $600 Off AirDresser

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The Samsung AirDresser is a WiFi-enabled cabinet steamer that sanitizes and refreshes your favorite clothing. It’s pricey, but this huge Cyber Monday deal saves you 40 percent (over $600!). Caring for your closet just got much easier with this innovative cabinet steamer from Samsung.

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Save $600 Off Samsung AirDresser

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Caring for your clothing just became easier with the Samsung AirDresser. This innovative dresser refreshes and sanitizes your favorite garments to keep them looking and smelling fresh. This steamer cabinet isn’t cheap, which is what makes this Cyber Monday deal so enticing. You’ll save 40 percent (over $600!) off with this huge discount.

The Samsung AirDresser Steam & Air Cleaner is WiFi-enabled, so you can control the device with your smartphone or another compatible device. Simply use the accompanying SmartThings app to start and pause cycles stay on top of any relevant notifications. The app will also provide cycle recommendations to ensure your clothing receives the best care. The app is free but you’ll need to connect the AirDresser to your existing home WiFi network to take advantage of these features.

Innovative features aside, let’s tackle any potential logistical issues first. Setting up this hefty cabinet is actually much simpler than it might seem at first glance. This is largely because you can simply plug the AirDresser into any standard 120-volt outlet to get started. There’s a refillable water reservoir, so you also don’t need a separate water line or any sort of professional installation. With a total weight of just under 200 pounds, you’ll probably need assistance if you decide to move the cabinet around. Samsung may offer white glove delivery service to make installation that much easier.

Now on to the fun stuff. AirDresser is designed to refresh and sanitize your clothing. Your favorite clothing is refreshed via a combination of air and steam that’s released through three built-in Air Hangers. Not only does this remove dust and almost all odors, but it also relaxes wrinkles on the inside and out. Once it’s done refreshing your clothing, AirDresser gets to work sanitizing garments. A dedicated Sanitize cycle takes care of this by using high-temperature steam to penetrate and sanitize clothing.

Once the clothing is refreshed, this cabinet steamer gets to work drying it using lower temperatures. Not only does the lower-temperature Heat Pump Drying technology effectively dry clothing, it also reduces the risk of heat-related damage and shrinking. If you want to enhance your clothing with your favorite scent, just insert a dryer sheet into the Fresh Finish compartment. Dryer sheets aren’t provided, so you’ll need to supply your own. The strength of the scent will depend on the dryer sheet that you use.

Samsung has made installing and maintaining its AirDresser as simply as possible, right down to its self-cleaning technology. Once it’s done caring for your clothing, you can use the Self Clean mode to get rid of any lingering odors and build-up inside of the AirDresser. You’ll also receive reminders when it’s time for a cleaning, which is every 40 cycles.

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