Prime Day Desk Deals (2020): Save Up to 70% on Desks

prime day desk deals

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Prime Day is here, so for shoppers who are enrolled in Amazon Prime, there are tremendous savings to be had well ahead of the holiday madness!

With so many folks working from home these days, a new desk for enhancing your home office space will make for a fantastic gift to yourself or a fellow work-from-home warrior. Alternatively, if you’re back in the office, now’s your chance to upgrade your work-station and maximize both your organization and your productivity! An array of gaming desks are also marked way down for those seeking a new and improved gaming station!

With Prime Day Desk Deals offering up to 70% off select options, there’s bound to be a home-run deal somewhere here that will nicely suit whatever your desk needs entail!


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Save 35% on the Teraves Modern L-Shaped Corner Computer Desk

Teraves Modern L-Shaped Corner Computer Desk


The Teraves Modern L-Shaped Corner Computer Desk is a super spacious option for those seeking a particularly large and open workstation that’s currently marked down almost 30% for Prime Day!

This medium-sized corner desk features a 58-inch long desktop on one side, and a 44 inch desktop on the other, so there’s a ton of working surface here! The corner is furthermore rounded rather than squared, giving the desk a more modern, sleek look.

This is a great desk option for gaming setups, multiple monitors, laying down a desk calendar, and simply accommodating for those who always seem to have a lot of clutter. There is also a CPU tower stand included that sits underneath the desk separately.

Built from P2 class particle board with perfect edge technology and a thick steel frame, you can furthermore rest assured this desk is built rock solid and will hold up nicely over years of use. The Teraves Corner Desk can handle up to 450 pounds of weight, a sure sign of high integrity!

Designed with adjustable leg pads for finding just the right level height on uneven floors and sporting an easy DIY assembly, this desk is a breeze to setup and install. No doubt an excellent Prime Day score for those in the market for a space-saving, yet spacious desk option.

Price: $103.99

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Save 12% on the VariDesk Standing Desk Riser with Adjustable Height Converter

VariDesk Standing Desk Riser with Adjustable Height Converter


If you’ve been meaning to get up and move a bit during your workday or study time but don’t quite want to invest in a standing desk, then the VariDesk Standing Desk Riser with Adjustable Height Converter could be right up your alley.

This super handy desk riser can raise your laptop or monitor up to 17.5-inches off of your desktop, featuring 11 adjustable height settings. The spring-loaded boost mechanism and dual-handle design allow for instant adjustments, and a stable weighted base ensures the riser always feels solid and grounded.

The top platform measures 30 inches across, and there is also a keyboard tray present, so you’ll have plenty of room for your monitor, mouse, and typing set up.

This desk riser will work awesome on your existing desk when you simply want to get up and stretch your legs a bit, or just as well right on your kitchen table or bedroom dresser- the applications are endless!

The cost of this awesome office tool is typically pretty high, so now’s your chance to score one for a far more reasonable price point while supplies last!

Price: $219.95

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Save 48% on the Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming

Here’s an above and beyond desk option for gamers, creatives, and workaholics alike that’s currently marked down a tremendous 70% for Prime Day.

The Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk is no doubt one of the superior options on the market when it comes to creating a highly personalized gaming setup for those who are passionate about where they play.

Built with a durable, powder-coated, cylindrical steel leg construction and sleek charcoal colored carbon fiber laminated top, this is a built-to-last option that means business. The main desktop measures 40 inches across and 23.5 inches wide, so it has ample room for a monitor keyboard and additional accessories without sporting a large, awkward footprint that’s difficult to arrange in tight spaces.

With integrated speaker stands, an under-desk basket for games, controller stands, built-in wire-management slots, a rear power strip holder, 32-ounce cup holder, and headphone/VR headset hook, Atlantic Gaming has gone the whole 9-yards when it comes to creating a highly equipped and organized gaming station.

The curved front of this desk furthermore allows you to get nice and close to your monitor and keyboard, so those who appreciate a desk that enables you to closely tuck up into will enjoy the ability to do so.

With savings this extreme, it’s absolutely worth checking out this option from Atlantic Gaming whether you’re an avid gamer or not – because who couldn’t use such a sophisticated and ergonomic desk option?

Price: $135.57

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Save 30% on the AmazonBasics Gaming Computer Desk with Storage for Controller, Headphone & Speaker

AmazonBasics Gaming Computer Desk with Storage for Controller, Headphone & Speaker


The AmazonBasics Gaming Computer Desk is a surprisingly awesome option for passionate video game lovers that’s currently marked down well below $100 for Prime Day.

This roughly 50-inch long option features all of the expected accessories you would want in a highly equipped gaming desk. With integrated storage holders for your controllers, headphones, speakers, and smartphone/tablet as well as a designated monitor stand and 5-game storage shelf, AmazonBasics has come up with an impressively outfitted desk for the price point here.

The steel wire k-leg design adds stability and gives this desk a bit of a more modern aesthetic, while the carbon fiber laminate on the desktop adds both integrity and lifespan.

No doubt an already awesome buy for the price point that’s made even more affordable while the deal lasts!

Price: $88.84

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Save up to 60% on Various Sized Need Folding Table & Computer Desks

Need Folding Table & Computer Desk


Here’s a super bare bones desk option that’s ideal for those seeking both a working desk space, as well as some table space within their home or office. The Need Home Folding Computer Desk/Table is a brilliantly designed, collapsible table that’s super easily deployed and broken down in seconds.

Available in an array of different sizing from 47 to 62 inches, this super sturdy option can support up to a whopping 800 pounds. The panel material is built from environmental E1 standard particle wood with a high glossy finish and waterproof and anti-scratch properties, while the powder-coated frame is treated to last for a lifetime of use.

Set this desk up when you need a more extensive study or work space, or simply utilize it for entertaining guests or hosting parties – the applications are endless with a design as simple and versatile as this!

Price: $89.75 – $103.20

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Save 41% on the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk


Here’s your chance to score an Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk at an absolutely awesome price point while supplies last!

While this option is marketed as a gaming desk, it will excel at any task you put it up to. Measuring 62 by 31 inches, this desk provides a ton of space for extensive gaming setups, multiple monitors, sprawling craft sessions, and more!

Assembly is a bit more intensive than a lot of more standard desk options, but the high integrity of the finished result is well worth the only slightly added effort. The desktop height is furthermore adjustable so you can find your preferred setting while leveling feet are integrated in order to ensure the desk sits perfectly flat on otherwise difficult to set up on spaces – like carpet to wood floor transitions.

A unique and highly cable-management net is also easily installed to the underside of the desk, effectively keeping all of your cords and wiring neatly organized.

No doubt the coolest feature of all for gamers in particular, the Arozzi Arena Desk includes a custom mouse pad with a water-resistant microfiber cloth surface that spans the entire surface of the desk. Pretty neat right?

Serious gamers and those who simply enjoy a straightforward, but exceedingly well-made desk option will instantly fall in love with this sleek and streamlined, top-of-the-line patent-pending choice!

Price: $264.12

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Save 11% on the Signature Design by Ashley Baraga Glass Top L-Desk

Signature Design by Ashley Baraga Glass Top L-Desk

This L-Shaped Glass Top Desk by Signature Design will make for a truly stunning addition to any home office or working environment, featuring tons of desktop space and a sleek, white powder-coated finish.

Currently marked down $36 for a limited time, this super-sharp desk option is a steal while supplies last. The opportunity to score a deal on a tempered, frosted glass tabletop desk such as this doesn’t come often, so if you like the idea of owning a reversible L-shaped desk than you should absolutely consider this option.

What you see is what you get with this option – the lead desk is 61 by 24 inches, and the smaller side measures 20 by 27 inches. There are no storage or organization features other than the particularly expansive desktop, but the 30-inch height can certainly accommodate for a filing cabinet, shelving, and more underneath the desk.

Price: $312.28

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