Hasegawa Prime Day Deal: Save 49% on Lucano 3-Step Ladders

Hasegawa Lucano 3-Step Ladder


Hasegawa is a furniture company that makes amazing-looking step ladders that are as beautiful as they are functional. For Amazon Prime Day this year, the Lucano 3-Step Ladder is on sale for up to 49% off.

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Save 49% on Hasegawa Lucano 3-Step Ladders

Save over $110 on the Hasegawa Lucano Black 3-Step Ladder

Hasegawa Lucano 3-Step Ladder

Hasegawa produces many versions of ladders in the Lucano series but their most popular 3-step ladders are on sale this Prime Day. Save more than $111.81 off the rack rate on their black model.

This must be some step ladder, you might think and you’d be right to think that. The Hasegawa Lucano has won design awards around the planet. It’s not often that a furniture company takes such care or devote such time to design a ladder. As you can see, however, this ladder looks beautiful both while using it or folded for storage.

Price: $129.19

Save $111.81 on the Hasegawa Lucano Black 3-Step Ladder

Lucano step stool, brilliance in your living room.The Lucano design has been praised globally and won multiple awards. It is no doubt the best ever designed step stool, and has made its way to tens of thousands of living rooms to function not just as stepladder. Find out more in this video. Find more on: Our website: hasegawaladders.com/design-ladders/ Amazon US shop page:…2019-05-22T04:21:58Z

Save over $119 on the Hasegawa Lucano Red 3-Step Ladder

Hasegawa Lucano 3-Step Ladder

But on top of the design brilliance (especially the red color), the Lucano’s practicality and strong build can’t be overlooked. The 3-Step Ladder features a handrail to lean against for maximum stability and safety. When folded, it stands perfectly on its own without having to place it against a wall.

The safety bar allows for quick, safe folding when you’re done with the ladder. Because of how good it looks, the Lucano doesn’t have to be hidden away. Simply leave it in the open and see what kind of compliments you get. When you tell your guests that you saved $119.41 on Prime Day, you’ll get even more compliments.

Price: $121.59

Save $119.41 on the Hasegawa Lucano Red 3-Step Ladder

Save over $119 on the Hasegawa Lucano White 3-Step Ladder

Hasegawa Lucano 3-Step Ladder

The look and feel of the Lucano turns the classic step ladder into an integral part of your living space. This white version of the 3-step ladder was specially designed to fit into any interior. It looks elegant, slender, and delicate. Due to the exclusive use of coordinated triangular elements for the side rails and rungs, shapes are aligned so none of the mounting screws are visible.

Price: $121.59

Save $119.41 on the Hasegawa Lucano White 3-Step Ladder

Save over $128 on the Hasegawa Lucano Orange 3-Step Ladder

Hasegawa Lucano 3-Step Ladder

So you’ve read through this entire post and you’re still on the fence…er, ladder…about whether you should bring one of these good-looking step ladders into your home. Even when you can save a ridiculous $128.53 off this orange model on Prime Day. That’s okay. Let’s go through some more of the practical aspects of the Lucano 3-step ladder.

It’s made of 90 percent aluminum and 10 percent resin so it’s strong, lightweight, and will last a lifetime. The steps feature integrated grooves for firm, sure footing while you’re on it. The feet are engineered to lay perfectly flat and will support 225 pounds.

The angle of the feet when the ladder is folded creates a perfect balance so that the ladder will stand on its own. The safety bar, under the ladder platform, makes a click sound to let you know when it’s fully extended and safe to use. Simply lift up on the bar and it will gently fold the ladder back together.

The handle of the 3-step ladder helps support your legs when you are standing on the platform to work. Working with both hands in the air is completely possible since you’ll have balance because of the extended handle. It features rounded edges for comfort while resting against the ladder, using it, or carrying it to your destination.

But here’s the thing: the Lucano 3-Step Ladder is both a completely useful tool and an amazing work of industrial design. And because it’s on sale in four colors for Amazon Prime Day, it’s a great time to pick one up at an amazing price. You deserve this.

Price: $112.47

Save $128.53 on the Hasegawa Lucano Orange 3-Step Ladder

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