L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. House Prime Day Deal: Save $50

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LOL is still hugely popular with younger girls and, chances are, you’ll be buying this anyway, so why not save $50 with this hefty LOL Surprise OMG House Prime Day deal?

This set normally retails for $199.99. With $50 off, that’s enough saved to buy another set of LOL dolls. This really is a two birds with one stone kind of Prime Day deal!

What Comes In the LOL Surprise OMG House?

This set may not feature any dolls, which is a shame but most kids will have dolls already. It does make up for that with a lot of fun extras, though.

This is a wooden dollhouse with a total of six different, fully-furnished rooms. There’s a kitchen, living area, bathroom, bedroom, decking area, and a fashion closet. That’s all as well as the super-stylish pool area.

I mentioned the rooms all come fully-furnished and it bears repeating. There are a lot of items for kids to play around with as they’re renovating each room.

There’s even a detailed (faux) glass elevator fixed on to the side of the house for when the dolls want to ride in style.

There are over 85 surprises for kids to uncover and, just like the real thing, all of the items come in tiny moving boxes for kids to unpack. That may not sound super-cool, but kids are going to love unboxing all these different gifts as they furnish the house.

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L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. 4-in-1 Glamper Fashion Camper

The LOL Surprise OMG House Prime Day deal is all about saving money on LOL products, so let’s go one step further with a saving of $25 on the LOL Surprise OMG 4-in-1 Glamper Fashion Camper.

Aside from the dollhouse, the Glamper Camper has the wow factor. Not only is this thing absolutely massive, it’s really cool. It’s a camper van, sure, but it also splits off and opens up.

When you factor in all the different accessories, there are at least 10 different hangout areas for dolls to sit and chill.

Going back to size for a second, the Glamper Camper, when extended, comes in at two feet by three feet. I did say it was massive! What’s great about that size is you’ve got plenty of space for multiple dolls to play within. You don’t need to worry about overcrowding.

There’s also over 55 different surprises for kids to discover.

Although this isn’t a massive saving, $25 is $25. And as I said earlier, that’s money towards other gifts. Any saving is a good saving in my book.

One Thing to Keep In Mind…

I opened this by saying LOL is hugely popular and I cannot stress that enough. Everyone over the next few days will be stocking up on LOL products – not just dolls, but also things like the dollhouse or the Glamper Camper.

My advice? Grab it early and tuck it away in a cupboard. I’ve seen LOL products become harder to get on both Prime Day and as we inch closer to Christmas, so shop smart, buy early and save yourself not only money, but also a headache later down the line.

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