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7 Best Prime Day Deals on Kitchen Stuff

If you’re looking for the best Amazon Prime Day Kitchen Deals 2020, we’ve put in the time (and pots of coffee) searching so you don’t have to. We’ll be up at all hours updating this list as deals go live and as products sell out (which they will) so hop on these prices while you can.

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When is Prime Day 2020?

Prime Day is taking place this year on October 13th through the 14th. It will be two full days of sales (so it probably should be called "Prime Days" but I'm not in charge of that stuff.)

Prime Day: What to expect.

In order to take advantage of Prime Day, you'll need to be a Prime Member. If you're not already a member you can get a 30-Day Free Trial which will also get you faster deliveries and unlock all the extras of Prime Video

Just like previous Prime Days, we can expect thousands of deals across the board. Many deals will run the entire two days (or until they sell out) and others, like Deals of the Day or Lightning Deals, will only run for a couple of hours or less.

Expect deals to sell out so don't sit on a sale price hoping it might go down further. They likely won't and you may miss out on the deal all-together if Amazon runs out of stock. 

How to spot the best Prime Day deals.

With so many deals to search through, it can be difficult to pick out which deals are worth it. 

Plus, lost of brands inflate their prices in the days before Prime Day to make it seem like the sale is better than it really is. 

To ensure the deal is a good one, you'll want to check the price against the historical sale data which will tell you how much the product has cost in the past. 

Or you can use a list like this because that's exactly what we spend our time researching so you know you're getting the best deals possible. 

Cool prime day deals for your kitchen make awesome Christmas gifts.

Kitchen items make great gifts because most everyone needs to eat so they're almost universally useful. 


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