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Prime Day Pet Deals: Save Up to 69% Off

Prime Day is a fantastic time to stock up on food, treats, toys, and various other items for your fur buddies. This year, you’ll find Amazon Prime Day pet deals as high as 69% off. That’s crazy good, right?! So browse through all the fantastic deals we’ve found below and ensure your pets aren’t forgotten as we head towards the holiday season.

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You might not find Prime Day pet deals on everything you need, but you can still find low prices all over Amazon for a plethora of practical things.

Pet Food Containers

If you don't already have one, pet food containers are absolutely the way to go when it comes to storing your pet's food. Bags can allow for kibble to get stale. And they invite insects to infest both your animal's food and the area its kept. So do yourself and your pet a favor by picking up a pet food container if you haven't done so already.

Pet Hair Remover

It can drive you absolutely insane when you go to throw some clothes on only to find that your garments are saturated with your pet's hair. Luckily, Amazon has a ton of great pet hair remover options available online. 

Options include brushes, gloves, adhesives, and even dedicated vacuums. So whichever you prefer, whether fancy or cheap, there are a ton of great items that will keep your pet's hair off your wardrobe,

Pet Corrector Spray

It's tough to train your pups to be at their best. But one of the most effective ways to do so is with pet corrector sprays. Whether it's barking, pottying, or chewing, these various sprays are super effective at getting your dog to adhere to proper behaviors. So throw the rolled-up newspaper away and find a pet corrector spray that will do the job instead. 

Pet Stairs

Littler breeds of dogs sometimes need a little help getting to elevated areas. Luckily, there are a ton of great pet stairs out there to give them the aid that they need. There is a slew of options to best fit your room's decor. Whether you go plastic, plain, wood, or carpeted, just do you doggo a favor and give them the elevation assistance that they need.

Pet Water Fountain

Sitting water is boring. And it can get dirty and stagnant pretty easily. Do your fur buddy a favor and pick them up a pet water fountain to keep their liquid fresh. 

Amazon has a lot of great options and none of them are overly expensive. And many of them even have built-in water filters to provide your animal with H20 that blows tap water away.