The Best Prime Day Self Care Deals

If you, like the rest of us, have had a pretty tough year, use Prime Day self care deals to stock up on the things that help you unwind, de-stress, and relax.

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What is Prime Day?

Prime Day is a sales event taking place on October 13th and 14th in 2020 that is open to Amazon Prime members only. These are Cyber Monday-worthy sale prices but earlier in the year so there's less worry about packages arriving in time for the holidays.

This makes Prime Day a great time to pick up gifts for loved ones and items for yourself before the postal system gets bogged down in late November. 

What are self care essentials?

Self care essentials are whatever helps you unwind and recharge from the stress of the day. Burnout is a real problem right now with the stressful news cycle and lack of normal routine, so having off time that refuels you is key. Even the CDC recommends it

Self care is both mental and physical. According to Harvard Medical, it's how we nourish ourselves. 

As nice as it is to think of self care as pure treat-yourself energy, it needs to be a balance. Sometimes self-care is binge-watching Netflix instead of cleaning but sometimes self-care is tidying up because it can be stressful to live surrounded by mess. Both are important and one without the other will lead to unbalance. 

What that looks like will be different for each individual. ​

Building your own custom care package.

Look at your life and what parts of your well-being you've been neglecting because you don't have time or you're putting other people's needs first. 

Self care can be investing in your nutrition by getting a juicer.

It can be recognizing that you aren't getting as much exercise and buying some home exercise equipment.

Self care are things that reduce stress like adult coloring books, fidget toys, and home spa treatments. 

Self care is also things that care for your body like massagers and items that help us sleep better or provide pleasure like comfy sheets, weighted blankets, and luxurious towels. 

It looks different for everyone. For my partner, it's taking time to work on his art so his new pen tablet was a self-care splurge. For me, it's taking time to listen to music and do nothing else so a pair of quality, comfortable headphones is a self care purchase.

Thinking about holiday gifts? Try self care packages for friends.

Chances are, they need it because we all do right now so they'll be grateful that you thought of them and for a gift that will help take some of the weight from their shoulders.


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