Razer Kishi Prime Day Deal: Take 30% Off Today Only

Razer Kishi Prime Day Deal


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Given you can play Xbox games on mobile thanks to absurdly good value Game Pass, there’s never been a better time to invest in a high-quality mobile controller. And with a meaty 30 percent off, this Razer Kishi Prime Day deal is well worth grabbing before it’s gone.

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Normally I cringe every time I write the word premium, but when it comes to Razer, premium really is the best word to describe how everything feels. There is no cheap, scratchy plastic here. Every element of the Razer Kishi has been designed to not only feel high-end but also ergonomic and natural.

Both of the thumbsticks are convex, meaning your thumbs sit slightly into each stick. As anyone who’s played a Nintendo Switch will tell you, convex is how all thumbsticks should be. Concave doesn’t make sense and would be a huge step back.

Keeping in line with this theme, Razer opted for a convex d-pad, which is pure genius. If you’re trying to pull off a quarter-spin in, say, a fighting game, being able to roll your thumb across the groove rather than a flat surface is a super smart design choice.

Button placement is another area Razer has clearly thought about. All four of the face buttons – X, Y, B, A –  are closer to the thumbstick than on an Xbox controller, but retain a similar diagonal angle. What happens when you’re using it is your brain fills in the gaps. So despite being closer to the sticks, your brain instinctively knows where the face buttons are without needing to look. It’s really smart, isn’t it?

The ‘hamburger’ or three lines button sits diagonally under the right thumbstick while the guide and screenshot buttons sit parallel on the left side of the Kishi. Again, it’s all smart placement. The screenshot sits by the left stick, meaning you won’t accidentally smack it, and the guide button is by the convex d-pad, so unless you’ve just used baby oil, you won’t be hitting it any time soon.

How The Razer Kishi Is Different

Razer Kishi Amazon Prime Day Deal


There are currently far too many mobile controllers available right now, each with its own way of doing things. Some good, some bad. There isn’t, however, anything as cleverly designed as the Razer Kishi.

Rather than opting for a Bluetooth connection, Razer went with a direct connection via the device’s charging port.

Bluetooth is fine, but when you factor in a slight lag from Bluetooth, then the slight (or massive depending on your Internet speed) lag from streaming xCloud games, it’s not an ideal solution. Razer knew this, hence the charging port connection, which in turn offers up much lower latency.

The other upside to plugging directly into the phone is the Kishi doesn’t need its own battery, and powers off of your phone. If your phone doesn’t have the best battery life, there is a USB-C pass-through to charge the phone while you’re gaming. It’s the best of both worlds, in other words.

Final Thoughts

Mobile gaming is forever expanding, and given Game Pass now offers 100+ games for a low monthly cost, streaming AAA games to mobile is the new way to play. Seriously, you can play Skyrim on your phone! How cool is that?!

Not everyone wants to play AAA games on their phone, and that’s understandable. That said, if you’re going to try it, you want a controller you can rely on, the Razer Kishi is best the best right now. Simply put, there is no better mobile controller out there. Just keep in mind this deal is only on for today. So act fast, yeah?

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