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Save 45% on Cyber Monday Ring Doorbell Deals

The video doorbell is one of the best ideas in the past 20 years and is popping up on more homes every single day. The Ring Video doorbell is the most popular of all the video doorbell options and there are some fantastic deals going on right now to save you some money for your holiday shopping lists.

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With Cyber Monday being one of the biggest gift purchase days of the year some of the best deals are available only for a limited time. Hunting for the right gift at the right price can take days, weeks, or even months. Luckily, we have put together an amazing list of the best Ring deals available on Amazon so that you can spend more time enjoying the holidays and less time searching.

What are the Best Multi-Pack Ring Camera Deals?

There are some package deals that are available this year that are a major steal. With savings of up to 45% off the original list price, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars and give a gift that will keep the people on your shopping list safe for years to come. These kits are for bigger homes that need a little more coverage and have more square footage to keep tabs on. 

First up is the 3-pack Ring Spotlight Camera deal. This kit comes with 3 spotlights that can be mounted on top of garages, tool sheds, pool houses, and front and back doors to homes to make sure that every entry point is covered. The cameras are motion-activated and can be pulled up via voice through Alexa on phones and tablets and computers even when the person isn't home. For now, through the end of Cyber Monday, this typically $600 kit can be purchased for nearly $200 off the list price. 

Next up is the Ring Stick Up Camera 2-pack. This kit is one of the easiest to install and run. Just place the cameras where they are needed and pull up footage on a cell phone or tablet. The user can even use voice controls through Alexa and check in on pets, kids, and family members inside the home. Motion will set these off and update directly to a synced device. The original price on this 2-pack was nearly $200, but for Cyber Monday you can purchase this kit for just under $150. Which is a 25% savings.

Finally, we have another super cool multi-camera kit. The 2-pack of Ring Spotlight cameras is available in both white and black and comes with two spotlight cams that are perfect for garages or to keep over any entry point. The original list price for this kit was around $400, but if you act fast and buy before the end of Cyber Monday you can save 30% or $120 and get these for a major steal.