Prime Day Deal: Up to 30% off Samsung Galaxy Phones

samsung prime day sale


Samsung is one of Amazon’s biggest brand partners for Prime Day 2020, offering discounts of up to 30 percent off their newest smartphone models. These even include the Galaxy Note 20 which came out less than a month ago. Suffice to say we’re pretty excited.

Just remember that these deals are only available to Amazon Prime members. If you aren’t already a member, you can sign up for the Amazon Prime 30-day free trial here. Also, keep in mind that these deals are only available through 11:59pm on October 14th and the clock is ticking. So without further ado, let’s dive into some deals.


$350 Off the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

galaxy s20 ultra prime day


The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a phone for people who like to go big or go home. It sports some of Samsung’s biggest camera specs, including the biggest zoom on a Samsung phone. It also supports big bandwidth caps by way of 5G compatibility. You also have a big pixel count on the 6.9-inch 120Hz display. The only thing Samsung wants to make smaller in hindsight? The price tag. This phone is currently discounted by $350 through October 14th, so order yourself one soon if you want to take advantage of this deal. It won’t last long.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra here

22% Off Samsung Galaxy S20+

samsung s20 prime day


While the S-Pen feature of the Galaxy Note 20 garners it more attention than the Galaxy S20 Plus, the S20 Plus is actually the more powerful phone. It has a bigger battery capacity, a higher display resolution, a higher overall build quality, and a bigger discount during Prime Day. Okay, that last part is somewhat of a minor difference but this discount is nothing to balk at. Considering this phone came out less than a year ago, this phone is well worth the high cost of admission even after the Prime Day discounts. Just treat yourself.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S20+ here

$350 Off Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G

samsung note 20 prime day


So smartphone screens have become comically large and things don’t look like they will be changing anytime soon. But at least the Note 20’s S-Pen lets you put these honkin’ displays to their best use by allowing you to draw or take notes on its beastly 6.7-inch screen. And better yet, the Note 20 is currently 20 percent off MSRP, making it a pretty spiffy deal on top of all the features.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G here

$250 Off Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

samsung s20 prime day


Samsung has released a lot of gimmicky phones over the years (did anyone end up buying a Galaxy Z Flip?) but their flagship Galaxy S20 is still probably more than sufficient for 90% of Android users out there. Except now those who weren’t immediately sold by its marginally upgraded specs have a chance to be impressed by its marginally reduced price. At 25 percent off MSRP, the Galaxy S20 might be one of the all-around best smartphone deals this Prime Day.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G here

25% Off Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

samsung note 10 prime day


Those who are wanting to try out Samsung’s S-Pen driven line of phablet phones but are turned off by the high launch prices should definitely consider last year’s Note 10+. This Prime Day it is on sale for 25 percent off its MSRP price, which makes this a solid deal for anyone who hasn’t upgraded in a few years.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ here

20% Off Samsung Galaxy S10+

galaxy s10+ prime day


Are you looking at the 20 percent off deal on the Galaxy S10+ and wondering if it is worth settling on a 2019 phone just to capitalize on some savings? Well consider the words of tech YouTuber Danny Widget, who was saying at the beginning of the year that enthusiasts should grab this phone and skip the Galaxy S20. This was before the S20’s official release, mind you, but if you compare the specs now, I think most will agree that the S10+ is more than just “good enough.”

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S10+ here

23% Off Samsung Galaxy S10

samsung s10 prime day


Everything good that I just said about the Galaxy S10+ applies to its flagship-sized counterpart, the Galaxy S10. Both phones are updated to support Android 11 and have specs that are only marginally lower than their 2020 counterparts. This phone can still hang with the big dogs so consider this a great entry point into the Super AMOLED phone generation.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 here

26% Off Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

galaxy s10 lite prime day


Okay, wow. I honestly wasn’t sure why this phone existed when it came and now it truly has no place in the modern smartphone market. I have no idea why you would want to buy last year’s midrange handset but, hey, it is 26 percent off MSRP anyway. Or you could just let me convince you to upgrade that to an S10 instead since they’re both on sale.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite here

30% Off Samsung Galaxy A71 5G

samsung a71 prime day


Of all the phones in Samsung’s midrange-powered Galaxy A Series, the Galaxy A71 is the most feature-packed. It is also available at the highest discount this Prime Day, available for a whopping 30 percent off throughout the shopping event. If you are eligible to upgrade to 5G service but don’t want to shell out for a top-of-the-line phone, then this handset is a great choice. It may not have wireless charging or a high-end camera but it has great battery life, a solid screen, and it runs Android 10.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G here

28% Off Samsung Galaxy A51

samsung a51 prime day


The Samsung Galaxy A51 might not have the ultra-slim bezel or high-end processor of the Galaxy S20 but it is still a solid phone that is currently available for an equally solid discount price. And that’s always been the goal of the Samsung Galaxy A Series. If you are looking for value and performance rather than a statement piece, then there is no reason to look down on this value-based phone line.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy A51 here

20% Off Samsung Galaxy A21

samsung a21 prime day


The Galaxy A21 is a clean and simple smartphone from Samsung’s midrange A Series phone line. Its lack of bells and whistles and temporarily discounted price make it the ideal first smartphone for someone who expects to only use their phone occasionally. It has a large 6.5-inch screen that is easy to read, a decent rear quad camera array, and a processor that can handle last year’s Android 10 OS. It certainly gets the job done.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy A21 here

Which Samsung phone should you buy?

If you’ve made it this far into my list then you probably realized that Samsung has been pushing an absolutely ludicrous product release cycle for the last few years. I will do my best to explain their nuances but keep in mind that things are about to get very confusing.

First, one must differentiate between the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy A series. The A Series is more of a mid-range handset, which offers the full Android experience without the high-end cameras and screens. The S Series phones are the models you are likely already familiar with, as they represent the cutting edge of Samsung’s mobile technology (aside from experimental products like the Galaxy Z Flip). But there are several different phone families within the S line.

The Galaxy S Series phones include their annual flagship release as well as a plus-sized version of the phone. Last year we also got an S10 Lite, which was a one-off release that bridged the gap between the A and S Series. This year we got the S20 Ultra whose large screen and ultramodern camera setup made it a better fit with the tablet-inspired Note Series of phones.

So, yeah, then there is the Galaxy Note Series. This is a specialty line of phones that is best suited for those who work in the creative field or an office environment (or both). It sets itself apart with an included stylus, the S-Pen, that provides a pressure-sensitive response. These phones are also on the higher end of the performance spectrum.

So how do you know which phone is right for you? It honestly comes down to how much you are willing to spend. Those who want the latest and greatest should definitely consider a 2020 release rather than any phone from the S10 Series but those who just want a good deal have a lot of wiggle room to consider some options.

As far as the best Prime Day deals, I would grant that distinction to either the Galaxy S10 or the Galaxy S20, mostly because it is hard to beat the laundry list of features offered by these flagships.

However, special consideration should be given to the discounted Galaxy Note 20, as it was literally released less than a month ago and it is already 20 percent off MSRP. So, as I said, there are multiple ways to save this Prime Day. Just be sure to get your shopping done before October 14th.

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