Solo Stove Memorial Day Deal: Save Up to $295 Off Grill & Fire Pits

solo stove memorial day deals

Solo Stove

Start your summer with some of the biggest savings so far this year on your favorite Solo Stove grill bundle and fire pits. From backyard parties with friends and family to camping trips with your best buddies, you can create fun memories with these Solo Stove products by your side.

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Save $295 Off Solo Stove Grill Ultimate Bundle (Now $479.99)

solo stove grill

Solo Stove

Buy The Solo Stove Grill Ultimate Bundle

Save $295 off the Solo Stove Grill and numerous accessories with this Memorial Day deal. In addition to the grill, the bundle includes a 13-inch portable grill stand, grill tools, grill shelter, grill carry case, four starters and a pack of all-natural charcoal briquettes.

Up your grilling game with the popular Solo Stove Grill, which features no-hassle charcoal grilling and a unique 360-degree airflow design that cooks food quickly and precisely. All you need to do is add charcoal, light it and allow the air to naturally flow through. You don’t need to mess around with airflow controls or worry about adding charcoal later, which means more time spent with your loved ones.

For best results, Solo Stove recommends using lump kiln-dried chunk wood or charcoal briquettes. Each Grill comes with its own Grill Pack, which yields around 45 minutes of cooking time. This stove heats up in just 15 minutes, which leaves you with plenty of time to whip up burgers, hot dogs and anything else you might be craving.

Besides the grill and multiple accessories, this Memorial Day Solo Stove deal includes free shipping and returns.

Save $140 Off Solo Stove Yukon (Now $459.99)

solo stove yukon

Solo Stove

Buy The Solo Stove Yukon

Save $140 off the Solo Stove Yukon. This Solo Stove deal also includes free shipping and returns.

Yukon is Solo Stove’s biggest and boldest fire pit to date. This popular backyard accessory features the same 360-degree airflow design found in the company’s Solo Stove Grill. The innovative design produces consistent flames and delivers a low smoke secondary burn in just minutes. Made with 304 stainless steel, this Solo Stove is built to last.

Another perk is that you don’t need to create a ton of space to enjoy an outdoor fire. Yukon weighs 38 pounds and stands just 17 inches high, which means you can easily set up and move the fire pit around as needed. Burn up to 22-inch logs in this spacious pit.

Save $90 Off Solo Bonfire (Now $259.99)

bonfire solo stove

Solo Stove

Buy The Solo Stove Bonfire

Save $90 off the Bonfire with this Solo Stove deal. In addition to your Bonfire, you’ll also receive a free Bonfire Stand. This deal also includes free shipping and returns.

The mid-range Solo Stove Bonfire is anything but mediocre. It’s slightly more compact and portable than the Yukon yet offers the same airflow and consistent flame as its larger sibling. You can still comfortably accommodate a larger group of people while enjoying hours of nearly smoke-free flames.

Use this portable fire pit in your backyard or on your next camping trip. Bonfire stands 14 inches high and weighs 20 pounds. Fuel your fires with logs up to 16 inches long. It’s ready to go when you are and only requires wood to create a fire. This mid-range pit offers continuous airflow and gets hot enough to cook snacks such as hot dogs and marshmallows.

Save $55 Off Solo Stove Ranger (Now $214.99)

solo stove ranger

Solo Stove

Buy The Solo Stove Ranger

Save $55 off the Solo Stove Ranger and enjoy free shipping and returns. This Solo Stove sale also includes a free Ranger Stand to easily set up your fire pit just about anywhere.

Solo Stove Ranger is the smallest fire pit the company currently offers. Weighing just 15 pounds and standing a mere 12.5 inches high, Ranger is just the right size for camping and traveling with friends. It produces very little smoke or ash, which makes this compact fire pit a natural fit for active lifestyles.

Use logs up to 12 inches long to make s’mores and other treats. Dry hardwoods such as maple, oak, birch and hickory are recommended as fuel. For best results, Solo Stove suggests using four to six logs up to 12 inches long.

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