Sony WHXB900N Headphones Prime Day Deal: Save $130

Sony WHXB900N Headphones Prime Day Deal


Grab Sony WHXB900N Headphones Prime Day Deal Here

Sony knows headphones. That’s just how it is. Plus not only that, Sony has mastered the art of active noise cancellation (ANC). If you’re after a set of headphones to block out unwanted sound, this Sony WHXB900N Headphones Prime Day deal is well worth hopping on before they’re gone. 

First and foremost, the Sony WHXB900N are headphones for the bass-lovers out there. When it comes to bass, you don’t want something that’s going to leave you deaf. Worse still, bad bass headphones overpower every other element and leave the wearer with nothing but pressure.

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The Sony WHXB900N headphones know how to meld bass with vocals in a way that leaves both tracks feeling spacious and unique. Bass feels punchy but doesn’t overpower. It’s the kind of bass even the most bass-adverse listeners like me will get on with.

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Moving on, let’s talk about Sony’s ANC tech. By attaching a small microphone inside the headphones, the WHXB900N is able to listen to ambient sounds. When an unwanted sound is detected, the headphones pump out what’s known as an inverted waveform to cancel out said sound. It’s a little more complex than that, but that’s the basic idea.

Sony WHXB900N Noise Cancelling Headphones


Does it work? Yes! No noise cancellation is perfect, and believe me, I’ve been through a lot of different headphones in my time, but some do a better job of masking ambiance, and the WHXB900N headphones are some of the best out there.

Another area the WHXB900N excel in is battery life. Of course, how they sound is the most important factor, but if you’re going to be using them outside, you want something you can get a good day’s usage out of without needing to constantly be hooked up to a power supply.

You’ll get around 30 hours of usage per full charge from the WHXB900N, which is the sweet spot if you ask me. If you’re commuting to and from work, that’s more than enough for two daily trips, five days per week. Just charge it on your days off and you’re good.

How Do They Sound?

The general consensus is the WHXB900N headphones offer up a brilliant amount of balance. We know lows smack hard but it’s Sony’s ability to balance out mids with crystal clear highs that make these headphones such a delight to use. If you’re wearing them for ages the ear-cups do get a little warm, but hey, that’s not exactly a deal-breaker when everything else is this good.

Final Thoughts

As I say, Sony knows headphones. Outside of gaming, headphones are the other area Sony is upper-echelon. It’ll take a really bad day for Sony to release a rubbish set of headphones.

It’ll come as no surprise then that the Sony WHXB900N headphones justify their price and then some. In fact, even without the Prime Day deal I’d recommend them. Sound is punchy while spacious, comfort is there, and the ANC tech is second to none. If you’re after a set of headphones for outdoor use, you won’t go wrong with the Sony WHXB900N.

Sony WHXB900N Specs at a Glance

  • Driver Unit: 40mm
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20,000Hz (44.1kHz Sampling) / 20Hz – 40,000Hz (LDAC 96kHz Sampling, 990kbps)
  • Battery Life: 30 Hours
  • Foldable: Yes

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