65 Best Thanksgiving Day Deals on Amazon

Make sure you save room for incredible deals this Turkey Day, because while Black Friday gets most of the attention, Thanksgiving Day deals are happening, and boy, are they good.

Whether you’re shopping for holiday gifts or just looking to treat yourself, there are a lot of awesome early Black Friday deals taking place before the big day. From cool kitchen gadgets to furniture to women’s fashion to outdoor favorites and more, there are all kinds of fun things to pick up before the hustle and bustle.

Special note: several of these deals have ended, however, many of these Black Friday deals are still live. Keep scrolling for all the details.

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Why Shop On Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving looks a little different this year, doesn't it? If you're like us, your meal is a condensed version of its former self - we personally don't know what to do! Sure, you might still have the turkey and all the fixings, but it's found to feel...off. And, while we're hoping the slimmed-down holiday trend is only a 2020 thing, Thanksgiving might actually be a good day to shop the early Black Friday deals.

There are a lot of great offers taking place in the days leading up to Black Friday, including the Thanksgiving Day Deals featured here, so make sure you take advantage and treat your extended family and friends to extra special gifts this holiday season.

Plus, who wants to fight virtual crowds? Beat the online hustle and bustle and shop early.

What Kinds of Sales Happen on Thanksgiving Day?

According to CNBC, Thanksgiving Day is a better day for shopping than Black Friday! It is easy to see why. Black Friday has become so huge and so bloated that the competition for good deals can get overwhelming.

Since its inception in the early 20th century, Black Friday has been getting earlier and earlier. It used to be that people in the know would show up at their favorite stores during regular hours the day after Thanksgiving to take advantage of special sales.

As more and more people started to take part, the stores got busier and busier.  Lines would form - some people even choosing to camp out! And, while we do love all the enthusiasm for good deals, there's something special about not getting lost in the crowd.

Many of the best sales actually start on Thanksgiving Day - and earlier! - giving you a chance to buy early and relax. Whether you call them “Thanksgiving Day Deals” or “Early Black Friday Deals”, they're all the same - great prices on the best items. 

Are Thanksgiving Day Deals As Good As Black Friday Deals?

To put it simply: oh, yeah.

Thanksgiving Day Deals are definitely as good as Black Friday Deals. And from one shopping expert to another: Black Friday deals usually start before Black Friday. So, there's no need to wait until Friday - buy early and enjoy your day!

How Long Do Thanksgiving Day Deals Last?

Thanksgiving Day Deals typically only last for one day, however, you may find that some items are actually on special for longer - through Black Friday or even over the weekend through Cyber Monday. 

And, while these offers might last a few days, we still encourage you to buy early. Some items may sell out and we wouldn't want that to happen to you! So, take a look at these early Black Friday deals and Thanksgiving Day Deals and make sure your family and friends are taken care of this holiday season!

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