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Cyber Monday Deal The Last of Us Part 2

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If you’ve been holding off on picking up one of the year’s biggest games, this The Last of Us Part II deal is well worth taking advantage of.

I’ll be honest with you, I still haven’t recovered from The Last of Us Part II. It’s one of those games that lingers. Plotlines see dramatic resolution, but you’re left stranded in a sea of self-reflection, contemplating the choices you’ve been part of over the last 25-or-so hours.

The only real criticism I have with The Last of Us Part II is that it’s perhaps a few hours too long, and gaming fatigue can set it. At the same time, when you’re this invested in a story, even when fatigue kicks in you won’t be able to put it down.

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One thing I do need to address is the furor that surrounded the game pre-and-post launch. There are a lot of people out there who judge this game based on what random folk who spoiled themselves say. Simply put, don’t listen to them. And no, watching a YouTube video isn’t anywhere close to stepping into the shoes of the protagonists. This is a game you need to play for yourself in order to appreciate it.

It’s as simple as this: If you played and loved the first game, you’re going to love the second. Or, I should say, you’ll hate-love it in the same way you hate-loved the first.

In terms of savings, this deal brings the price down from $59.99 to a tempting $29.99. That’s a saving of $30. You legit cannot beat that.

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PS4 games on offer for Cyber Monday

There are quite a few must-have games on offer right now, and you bet we’re going to run you through the best offers.

On the exclusives side of things, for Sony, you can save $20 on Ghost of Tsushima, knocking it down to a much more tempting $39.99. Nice. 

On the sub-$20 side of things, Marvel’s Spider-Man Game of the Year Editon, Days Gone, and Iron Man VR are all down to $19.99 each.

Oh, and God of War is down a paltry $9.99, so there’s no excuses not to pick it up now.

On the multiformat side of things, FIFA 21 has up to 50% off, Madden 21 and Watch Dogs Legion both have around $20 slashed off the RRP. Elsewhere we’ve got Marvel’s Avengers from $59.99 to $29.99. Just keep in mind with Avengers, the Xbox One disc version doesn’t ship until after Christmas, so if you want it now, grab the digital version at 50% off instead.

One other deal I do need to highlight, mostly because I’m sure there’s a few people in a similar position to mine, the Seagate External Game Drives are on offer right now with a saving of $30 off the marked price.

I originally thought I’d never fill a 1TB HDD. Turns out this generation has been quite long and game sizes keep getting larger and larger. Who knew?

I managed to snag a PS5 and given the low storage space, there’s no way I want PS4 games taking up precious retail estate space on the HDD. I ended up getting one of the Seagate Game Drives a few weeks ago (yes, before the offer…) and it’s solved so many problems. My PS4 games don’t take advantage of the PS5’s SSD, but having a vast library at my fingertips is a solid trade-off in my opinion.

It’s also really easy to set up, too. You just plug it into the USB (no power cord needed) and format it then it’s ready. What’s not to love?

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