Weber SmokeFire Deal: Save $200 on Pellet Grills

Weber SmokeFire Pellet Grill


Weber grills and equipment are perfect for cooking up that prime rib you’ve been dreaming of dinner. Is your mouth watering yet? Well, get ready because it’s going to water even more over this deal: take $200 off SmokeFire pellet grills and up to 43% off SmokeFire accessories.

Grillmasters are always looking to step up their game. This holiday deal is a no-brainer to make that happen. Make sure you take care of that barbecue fan in your life by taking advantage of this great deal on Weber SmokeFire Wood Pellet Grills and accessories. Your family (and your taste buds) will definitely thank you for it. But hurry: this deal won’t last long.

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Save $200 on Weber SmokeFire EX6 Wood-Fired Pellet Grill

Save $200 on Weber SmokeFire EX6 Grill


Yes, it’s true: Anything that can be cooked will taste better on Weber’s line of SmokeFire Wood-Fired Pellet Grills. Get ready to spend a lot more time outside, even in the winter weather, because any recipe can be prepared on a SmokeFire grill.

With its 200 to 600 degree Fahrenheit temperature range, SmokeFire is a true comprehensive grill that has the versatility to sear steak as well as smoke brisket, bake pie, and more. Weber makes two sizes, the EX6 (above) with more than 1,000 square inches of grilling space and the EX4 (below) with 672 square inches. Both grills feature the same high-quality features, amenities, and potential.

SmokeFire grills feature a large-capacity hopper that holds more than an entire 20-pound bag of wood pellets. Whether you’re grilling steak or going for an all-day low and slow smoke, this hopper is exactly the right size.

Price: $999.00

Save $200 on Weber SmokeFire EX6 Grill


Save $200 on Weber SmokeFire EX4 Wood-Fired Pellet Grill

Save $200 on Weber SmokeFire EX4 Grill


Each SmokeFire grill is finished out with Weber’s exclusive porcelain-enameled finish that will stand up to the roughest elements and will help prevent rust and damage. The finish also helps to maintain the precise temperature throughout the cook box.

Flavorizer bars inside the grilling area were designed for direct, consistent heat in place of a more traditional diffuser plate that blocks the flame. SmokeFire features an easy-clean system that directs ash and grease to a removable drawer. The included plastic scraper tool works well to move material to the drawer for simple disposal.

Price: $799.00

Save $200 on Weber SmokeFire EX4 Grill


Save $30 on Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub


An easily read LCD screen on SmokeFire grills displays time, temperature, and controller output. It also works with Weber Connect, a smart grilling hub, for a more detailed experience that communicates with the grillmaster’s smartphone.

With Weber Connect, perfecting any dish has never been easier. It’s a step-by-step grilling assistant, built into the grill, that sends notifications on everything from when it’s time to flip and serve to a food readiness countdown.

Although it’s compatible with any grill, the SmokeFire grills are specifically designed to interface with Weber Connect seamlessly. It’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and can monitor up to four pieces of food at once.

Price: $99.99

Save $30 on Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub


Save Up to 44% on Weber SmokeFire Accessories

Save Up to 30% on Weber SmokeFire Accessories


Accessorize your new SmokeFire pellet grill with folding shelves, side tables, covers, and more; they’re on sale right now for the holidays. Choose between a variety of accessories that will bring fun and convenience to your wood-fired grilling:

Save 20% on the Weber 7003 SmokeFire EX6 Folding Front Shelf

Save 20% on the Weber 7002 SmokeFire EX4 Folding Front Shelf

Save 30% on the Weber 7001 SmokeFire Folding Side Table

Save 41% on the Weber 7191 36-Inch SmokeFire Cover

Save 43% on the Weber 7190 24-Inch SmokeFire Cover

Save 36% on the Weber 7004 SmokeFire Wet Smoke Kit


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