Band Of Horses / Lollapalooza

Sunday night at Lollapalooza was a showdown. First Lou Reed played 25 minutes longer than he was supposed to. Lou Reed can eat one. His 25 minutes of extra time seemed like ego tripping, pure and simple. Course, I was 200 yards away waiting for Lou to finish so Band of Horses could play, so I’m not impartial.

Band of Horses – The Funeral. Lollapolloza 2009 from Ben Fischer on Vimeo.

I wasn’t expecting Band of Horses to put on the type of set they did. I saw them in 2006 and left early because Ben Bridwell was noticeably scared and uncomfortable onstage. Three years later he’s grow into a great frontman. BoH’s set became really interesting when the band ran out of time. If they felt pushed around by Lou Reed they didn’t allow themselves to bow down before Perry Farrell and his fellow rock-and-roll zombies. The band played 25 minutes into Jane’s set. Their stages were right next to one another. The best moment occurred when Bridwell climbed into the crowd for Ode to the LRC and started wailing “The world is such a wonderful place.’ No bullshit, the world did feel like a wonderful place at that moment.

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