G.I. Joe Director: Critics Remind Me Of My Mother

Oh, Stephen Sommers, you monolithic hack. The Summer of Hasbro reached a crescendo with the enormous opening weekend for your action figure fantasia G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra, which took in $100.5 million worldwide, despite not being screened for critics. Sommers sat down with Variety to talk about it, and dropped some pearls of douche wisdom that had me scratching my head. To wit:

“I don’t think the mainstream critics are relevant here, they have criticized themselves into irrelevancy. Transformers 2 got the worst reviews in the last decade, and it is the biggest hit of the year. More people will see that than any other movie.”

“I make the kind of movies critics love to hate. They love dark and depressing movies.”

“It’s like Michael Bay said, they don’t have a fun gene. These critics remind me of my 78-year old mother”

Okay, if you’re quoting Michael Bay to defend your movie, you have a problem. Check the whole interview here.

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Bryan Goldberg
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