Breakthrough Band: Memory Tapes

“I’m not trying to rock a party,” Dayve Hawk told Pitchfork in an interview back in July. If that’s the case, then Memory Tapes‘ Seek Magic, Hawk’s debut LP release on Acephale Records, must be one of the happiest accidents in musical history; virtually every track has the potential to bring any given crowd to its knees, from the anthemic New Order homage “Bicycle” to the electro-funk synth squelches atop “Stop Talking”. Of course, Seek Magic is much more than simple ear candy, rewarding attentive listening with a gorgeous palette of sonic textures and subtle layers of melodies. And when Hawk manages to swirl those details together into a cohesive whole – as he most emphatically and enthusiastically does on “Plain Material” – the results are the kind of life-reaffirming, transportive music people spend their whole lives waiting to hear.

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