Who Is Cocorosie?


Honestly, I’m not sure.

But I’ll try to give my point of view. Imagine Bjork driving a hip-hop tour bus and suddenly she’s cut-off by the Barnum and Bailey Bros Circus… the resulting carnage would be described as Cocorosie. And I can’t stop listening.

I started off with nothing but pure distain and hatred for this band… not really sure why. Maybe it’s my years in NYC and the utter joke of a hipster comunity that infests its streets like rats in the subway, but after my 10th listen of Werewolf… I had to curb my preconceptions and enjoy, which I do. Very much. Check out the live performance from Esprits Libres, France… reminds me of a mime that just toked and listed to Chronic: 2001.

The two sisters started their music careers in France, although being born in the United States and having Native American ancestory. Their music seems to stem from their turbulent and bizarre past, which includes a witch-doctor father and a mother that compulsively moved them around the country.

Give it a listen and let me know your thoughts. If you don’t like, please let me know why… I’m really looking for reasons to not like it.

I’m out.

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