Breakthrough Band: Ellie Goulding

When Kylie had huge success with her dancefloor-minded french house-flavoured singles “Love At First Sight” and “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” earlier this decade, female pop singers with electronic production gained a lot more credibility and became acceptable all of a sudden, receiving praise by even the most critical publications. Ever since, ‘the industry’ as well as smaller independent labels are trying to repeat this success, starting with Annie who was all over the internet and indie magazine covers but never quite made it to the mainstream, on to this year’s blogger darlings La Roux and Little Boots who have successfully made the jump but eventually seemed to have sacrificed their DIY background and roots in club music as marketing measures reduced them to a few gimmicks and promotion campaigns became more and more focused on their visual appearance, leaving many of us longing for something more authentic and heartfelt.

Entree Ellie Goulding from London, who keeps getting avid music listeners’ attention on the web, stirring up hype without any tricks, but just due to a couple of unsigned tracks floating around. Along with her producer Starsmith (a protege of fellow UK pop sensation Frankmusik), Ellie provides us with catchy pop gems built on a next-level production, stripped down to what our favorite songs are all about: delight. Her first proper single ‘Under The Sheets’ is out on November 9th on Neon Gold, with Polydor already prepared to take over and assuring her big breakthrough.

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