Breakthrough Band: Joy Orbison

In fast moving times like these and considering the short-term longevity of dance music in general, it’s tough to tell which of the many upcoming electronic music producers are here to stay – but 22-years-old London-based Joy Orbison is definitely one of those. While dubstep got a lot of coverage when it first came up, it never had the big breakthrough and aside from Burial none of the genre’s actual key players really got a lot of buzz outside of the true bass heads audience. Ever since it was first heard in late spring this year, Joy Orbison’s first single ‘Hyph Mngo’ has received rave reviews everywhere and managed to keep the hype alive all the way through summer until it finally got an official release on one of the UK’s most influential electronic labels of the last years, Hotflush Recordings.

Joy Orbison operates in the grey area between London’s most heard sounds such as dubstep, garage and UK funky as well as incorporating elements from classic techno, house and ‘liquid’ Drum & Bass ending up with a sound hybrid that can’t really be described but what’s much more important, in his particular case appeals to listeners of all the aforementioned genres. His tracks have been getting plays from the underground depths of pirate radio stations all the way to BBC Radio1 and handbag-house flagship Ministry Of Sound, accompanied by press coverage from leading tastemaker blogs to indie magazines and weekly newspapers.

Backed up by so much love, with the ‘Hyph Mngo/Wet Look’ single being out for a couple of weeks now and his next single ‘BRKLN CLLN/J. Doe’ about to drop as first release on his very own imprint Doldrums Recordings, it is safe to say that Joy Orbison is the man behind one of the most important impulses in dance music this year, leading the way for the next decade. Check out the video for “Hyph Mngo” after the jump.

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