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It’s new video game day, when the new video game trucks bring fresh-baked DVD-ROMS and BluRay discs to the Mom & Pop game stores of our great nation. Here’s a quick guide to what drops today, so you can spend your money wisely and not get stuck with Budget Horse Adventures again.

Brutal Legend – This is the pick of the week, here – a metal-tastic 3D action adventure starring Jack Black and many other rock lords, sprung from the fervid brain of Tim Schafer. Check out our article on the soundtrack here, where you can see just how serious the dudes at Doublefine take their metal. There have been a number of problems surrounding the release of this baby, with former publisher Activision threatening to sue if the game was released. That blows, dude, but the head must bang and Brutal Legend is ready to rock right now.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – The first Uncharted really showed off how great of a gaming machine the PS3 could be – but rarely is – and this sequel looks to amp up everything that made the original third-person action adventure fun and add in a buckwild multiplayer mode that lets up to three people tackle the game’s story in co-op, or up to 10 players at a time in a number of team-based competitive modes. I’ve been in the beta and it’s a blast. This is a triple A title in every sense of the word and should be added to your library stat.

NBA 2K10 – If you’re into basketball, this is the only game in town – luckily, it’s a good one. The usual incremental improvements have been made from last year’s game, and the “My Player” mode, which lets you create an avatar and guide him from the minors up to (hopefully) internaitional stardom adds a shot of RPG into the sporting stew. The NBA Today feature even streams real-world events and stats into the game automatically.

Afrika – This was one of the first games announced for the PS3, and it’s finally hitting shelves to pretty much no recognition whatsoever. So what is it? It’s a photography game where you ride in a Jeep through the African savannah, taking pictures of animals to upgrade your camera. Aaaaand… that’s it. In Japan it’s called Hakuna Matata, which is like ninety Disney lawsuits waiting to happen.

Half-Minute Hero – The PSP has slowly become the home platform for a number of quirky Japanese titles (much as the PS2 became one in the late days of its lifecycle), and I’m all for it. This latest entry is a traditional role-playing game with a twist: your adventure ends in thirty seconds. That’s right: this is a short attention span dream come true, all dolled up in chunky retro graphics. Four game modes plus multiplayer just sweeten the pot.

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