Play Miami Shark


“You know where you are, baby? You on the Internet! You gonna – play GAAAAAAMES!” So said Axl Rose at his speech to the First Congressional Congress, and it was as true then as it is now. Each and every week, I’m going to point you at the most fun free web games out there, and you are going to play them, and if your boss walks up to you and demands to know what you are doing, you are going to hit him as hard as you can. By reading these words you have entered into a binding oral contract to do this.

This week’s game? Miami Shark, motherscratcher. In what other game can you play a man-eating shark, careening through the waters of Florida at a hundred million guitar solos an hour? Use your gnashing jaws to savagely maul ocean-borne meat-bags and launch yourself out of the briny deep to drag hangliders, helicopters, and even airplanes out of the sky. It’s balls-out awesome. Play it here.