Breakthrough Band: Clock Opera

Clock Opera is a London four-piece revolving around producer and singer Guy Connelly and have first made the rounds this summer. Their sound blends chopped up samples and synthesizers in a similar way as The Field or Four Tet with indie rock of stadium-esque proportions, reminiscent of Arcade Fire while retaining some edgy quirks along the lines of Animal Collective or Wolf Parade.

Thus Clock Opera puts a fresh spin on two of the most enjoyable musical developments of this decade, giving the ‘indietronic’ sound a well-needed update while the former heroes of the genre such as The Notwist, Lali Puna or The Postal Service are still missing in action and left us all alone, which lead to a point where the whole sound does not even really exist any more these days – at least not in a way that unites sweet indie girls, overdressed hipsters, open-minded techno-heads, sophisticated music snobs and self-centered loners on the same Facebook fan page.

Their first single called ‘White Noise’ is out now on limited 7-inch vinyl from Pure Groove and if you know how to operate this mystical new technology they call The Hype Machine, you might be able to grab the digital equivalents. If you’re in for some eye candy, watch the video after the jump.

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