Breakthrough Band: Hurts


Thanks to bad taste parties, rickrolling and the vast amount of artists trying to resurrect the spirits of pin-up popstars like Samantha Fox and Sabrina or the italo disco vibe of Gazebo, the kids nowadays seem to think the 80s were all about having fun, cocaine parties, superficial love songs and flashing neon colors – when in fact there is a whole world to be discovered that’s entirely kept in black and white, sporting countless shades of gray.

United Kingdom’s Hurts are now stepping on the scene to re-introduce us to the values and aesthetics of the short-lived and long forgotten Italian ‘Lento Doroso‘ movement, meaning ‘slow & painful’, which took the sounds of Hi-NRG disco, slowed down the tempo and leaned towards more deep complex lyrics within balladesque song structures – at least this is what their sound and an article linked on Hurts’ Myspace profile suggests, the absence of additional sources on the web almost makes me doubt that the mentioned artists and labels actually existed. Fortunately, there are a couple of hard facts that underline the relevance of the band as well: they were reborn from the ashes of the once very promising outfit Daggers and have already been signed to a new Sony sub-label managed by the songwriter and producer behind the biggest hits of Kylie Minogue and Spice Girls, without a single release out and are currently finishing off their first full-length.

More importantly though, their only proper track out right now going by the name of ‘Wonderful Life’ is one of the most intense and heart-hitting songs I came across all year plus the band’s performance and aesthetics in the accompanying video are truely one of a kind. Additionally, the title and almost everything about Hurts hints at one of the best songs to ever grace the charts in the 80s – ‘Wonderful Life’ by Black. Watch the Hurts video after the jump!

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