Breakthrough Band: Sleigh Bells

Every now and then, we see a boy and a girl team up for a band that destroys everything in their way, such as the constantly touring Crystal Castles, the almost forgotten Bitchee Bitchee YaYaYa or the early duets of Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan. Two weeks ago, Brooklyn’s currently hottest duo Sleigh Bells took the stage at CMJ and completely killed it, so it’s fair to assume that they’ll be one of the most wanted bands for next year’s festival season. Composed of producer and guitar player Derek Miller who comes from a hardcore background (former member of Poison The Well) and charismatic frontwoman Alexis Krauss, a public school teacher with a not-so-secret teen pop-group past, their sound is a combination of bold drums influenced by current hip hop productions, catchy synth and guitar riffs, sing-along lyrics and out-of-their-minds screaming, all channeled through overdriven My First Sony equipment, so fun that it literally hurts – just a tiny bit though – you know, the kind of pain that makes you say ‘no, keep going’ that you’re all familiar with.

So far, Sleigh Bells only distributed a couple of demos of their songs on the web and a self-published CDR named ‘2HELLWU’ but you bet proper re-recordings and a label deal is already in the works as we speak. While waiting for an official release, you can listen to ‘Crown On The Ground’, their best track out in the wild to date, after the jump!

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