Finally, REO Speedwagon: The Video Game

Okay, you’ve got Aerosmith, Metallica, AC/DC, the Beatles… whose left on the long list of bands that deserve their own video games? Oh, I know: REO Speedwagon.

But instead of rocking out to “Can’t Fight This Feeling” via some plastic guitar or drum kit, you’ll need both an eye for attention and a speedy mouse-hitting finger! It’s called Find Your Own Way Home, named after their 2007 album (which I’m sure EVERYONE out there has already listened to by now, thanks to that glowing Pitchfork review, yup) and has the player looking for the missing vocalist via the always popular (at least among the casual gaming set) hidden object method category of gaming. Which makes total sense since it’s mostly 40-year-old women who still care about them and actually attend their concerts these days. The game comes out this Thanksgiving, in which your mom and everyone else’s will try their best to beat the game and get a special code for a discount towards REO’s upcoming Christmas album. Via GameSetWatch.

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