Good Job Sega

If you’re a Sega fanboy who’s been perfecting that last crazy ass turn right before the finish line in Dinosaur Canyon in Daytona USA since the early 90s, then you probably soiled yourself when word came of Sega Racing Classic, the HD remix/revamp of the arcade classic. Perhaps not as much if it a proper Daytona 3 had been announced (or whatever else it might be called, since EA now holds the rights to the name Daytona in a video game context), but still, it was cause for jubilation nonetheless!

Well I hate to break up the party, but the following is apparently footage from the title, and truth be told, it doesn’t look so hot…

… Some claim that it’s a total fake, whereas other Sega faithful (believe it or not, they still exist) feel it’s just a work-in-progress build, and an early one at that, so one shouln’t be so judgemental. Valid point, but the footage is hardly encouraging, given Sega’s track record for franchise revivals. NiGHTS for the Wii anyone? I initially didn’t even realize that I was watching the revamp till I noticed the slowdown at the starting line, which wasn’t there in the lo-fi 1993 iteration. Which I suppose is a testament to how amazing the original is to this very day. Though it’s mostly just another sad example of Sega dropping the ball, yet again. A pal of mine, another fellow Daytona-devotee, put it best with: “I almost appreciate slavish attention to detail (say, popup, and unimproved smoke effects, etc).”

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