Q: What Does Winona Ryder, Depeche Mode, And World Of Warcraft Have In Common?

Another frivolous video game related lawsuit is hitting the judicial system, but this one definitely takes the cake, especially the person behind it.

Erik Estavillo earlier in the week decided once again to sue a video game publisher, this time being Activision Blizzard. The dude can be best described as a professional plaintiff, which is someone whose livelihood is based almost entirely upon suing party after party, and this particular shuck’s targets are game companies.

Earlier this summer he tried (unsuccessfully) to sue Sony over being banned from The PlayStation Network. He was apparently another jerk-off who went too far with the trash talk, which he felt was a direct violation of his first amendment rights, plus Sony stole his money because he can no longer access his pre-paid points, which are cut off when you get booted from the system. Oh, and since the dude is agoraphobic, he has no other means of communicating with the outside world, so the banning has also caused pain and suffering. Okay…

Last month Estavillo filed an appeal, and get this, he’s going to be representing himself. Because that always works in the movies, right?

Then just last week Estavillo decided to sue both Microsoft and Nintendo as well. Regarding MS, it’s over the red ring of death and the $100+ repair fee that it will take to bring his Xbox 360 back to life. To be honest, that’s not the dumbest thing to sue over, but the $75,000 he wants for the stress that he’s had to endure, along with the “sadness he will have in the mean time of finding one he can afford” is just pure asinine. And it gets better! The reason for suing Nintendo is over a recent firmware update that disabled his Homebrew Channel (which is technically illegal to have on your machine btw), which is what he used to unlock certain characters in Mario Kart Wii, which is normally achieved by having a copy of Super Mario Galaxy. So his stance is that it’s essentially extortion that Nintendo is forcing someone to buy a second game to fully enjoy the first. Plus there’s depression, panic attacks, OCD, and Crohn’s disease, all because he heavily relies upon video games as a source of happiness.

But back to this past Tuesday; he’s suing over what he believes to be “deceitful” business practices that go down in World of Warcraft. You know, how your characters walks super slow, which means play sessions are longer than they should be, and that translates to more money in Activision Blizzard’s pockets. Especially when you can only go faster after leveling up, which takes lots of time, or with the purchase of additional content.

Though in this instance, all those health issues that he cited as a direct result from not playing Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo’s games have now been caused FROM playing WoW, or at least when he has to deal with hardships in-game. Hence why he’s calling upon both actress Winona Ryder and Depeche Mode founder Martin Lee Gore to take the stand, since they both know a thing or two about what it’s like to be depressed! Seriously.

BTW, what’s Estavillo asking for this time? A cool one million. Complete idiot or brilliant viral marketer? You decide. Via Game Politics.

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