Sumosonic Spotlight: The Mary Onettes


You are, of course, familiar with Sumosonic, right? Our monthly meltdown of the hottest new bands, hosted by Guns & Roses’ Richard Fortus? Then you must know that each week, I give a little extra love to Sumosonic by throwing some attention on one of the featured bands. This week, it’s Swedish dream-pop band The Mary Onettes. Everybody knows that if you really want to score the chicks, you need to pull out that old-school British mope shoegaze steez – get the Cure up in her area and she’ll remember all the boys she used to have crushes on before emo was even called that. Well, The Mary Onettes update that sound for the 2K9 in a very satisfying way, especially if your cassette copy of Disintegration is getting a little scuzzy. Check out the video for “Puzzles” after the jump.

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