US Air Force Picked Up Two Thousand PS3s

Anyone out there get up nice and early this past Friday to take advantage of the numerous post-Thanksgiving deals on video games that retailers offered? I know both Gamestop and Best Buy had early morning doorbuster deals on PS3s bundled with assorted titles, like LittleBigPlanet and God of War Collection. And if you’re one of those folks that took advantage of such offerings, I’m willing to wager that at most you picked up just one console. Well guess who else got in on the holiday spirit? The United States Air Force, though they didn’t get just one, or two, or even ten. Nope, 2,200 systems were picked up that day, though I’m not certain if they waited in line for the shops to open or if they simply ordered online via

The reason for such a massive order was not some mother of all multiplayer Uncharted 2 deathmatches, but to create a super computer yet again. A while back they nabbed 336 or so to do handle various tasks such as process radar imagery and flat-out crunch numbers like nothing else. To be honest, there’s certainly more powerful hardware out there, but the PS3’s Cell microprocessor that drives the machine packs quite the wallop, and for such a relatively low price-point. The closest thing that’s comparable are multicore Xenon processors, found mostly in Mac Pros; not only is Sony’s solution far cheaper, but faster to boot. And as before, the military is slapping Linux onto the machines; who knows what vaguely video game-y operations, but in the very real world, such machines will take part in?

Via Dark Diamond.

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