Play 20 Heroes

It’s Wednesday – referred to in the common vernacular as “Hump Day” – and if you don’t have somebody to hump, Wednesday can seem pretty sad and blue. But cheer up, chirpy – things are going to get a lot better! Why? Because at, it’s Web Game Wednesday, where I point you to a free Flash game you can use to while away the hours at work. This week’s installment is in Japanese, but if you can get over the language barrier there’s an awesome game waiting for you.

20 Heroes, at first glance, looks like your everyday platform adventure game – jump here, run there, get to the end without getting nailed by traps or enemies. But the twist comes in how you do it – instead of just controlling one hero, you have a small army of 20 to choose from, and they’re all on the screen at the same time. You can press the Down key to put one under your direct control, and they will follow you until they’re otherwise incapactitated. Get as many of them to the exit as you can before the timer elapses and you’ll go on. Play it here.

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