When Virtual Wheels Hit The Very Real Road


So here’s the deal: someone has decided to take an OutRun arcade cabinet and turn it into an actual, moving vehicle. Needless to say, there are more than a few steps involved. And they are…

– The cab will be retrofitted with a motor, wheels, and various other components from an electric scooter.
– An iPhone 3GS along with custom software will utilize GPS tech to locate the vehicle, as well as process the environment, which is then rendered in the style of OutRun on-screen.
– Which means, yes, you’ll be seeing the real world ahead of you, just made up to look like a video game! How meta.
– The vehicle itself will not be capable of going very fast, since there’s going to be a discrepancy between information that is displayed, which is based upon GPS data, and the real world.

Crazy huh? To find out more about the project, as well as see a video of the software in action (it’s not particularly excited, hence why I didn’t bother to pass it along here, but it’s a work in progress, so give it some time), simply head on over to GameSetWatch

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