Full Release: DVD/Blu-Ray


It’s a solid week for DVD and Blu-Ray releases before the 00s come to a close, with two of the year’s best horror flicks hitting the racks. And speaking of racks, how about Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body? See what I did there? Not sexist at all, right?

Jennifer’s Body – Diablo Cody’s follow-up screenplay to Juno went in a little different direction, but I dug this throwback to high school horror starring the hot and outspoken Megan Fox. As Jennifer, Fox metamorphoses from bitchy to purely Satanic and it’s a joy to watch. If you want to read social allegory into the flick, you can, but you can also dig it on its own merits as a gore-soaked update of the Prom Night / Carrie formula.

9 – This animated flick came out a little too close to the awesome District 9 for its own good, but it’s worth seeing. A group of strange cloth-covered creatures (sort of like the descendents of Sackboy from Little Big Planet) must defeat the rapacious machines that have conquered the Earth. Charming, unique, and a powerful tonic to the horrible non-Pixar animated flicks of the world, this gets a recommendation from me.

The Marine 2 – This direct-to-DVD sequel to the John Cena vehicle is actually remarkably fun – fellow WWE star Ted DiBiase Jr (son of the Million Dollar Man) does a capable job as a crap-kicking… wait for it… Marine on vacation with his wife who is forced to beat down some terrorist ass to save his holiday. Some great fight scenes make you wonder why this baby didn’t see theatrical release, especially one that takes place in an uninterrupted 360 degree camera swivel.

Paranormal Activity – This low-budget frightfest dominated theaters and the Internet for a bit, but will the experience translate to home viewing, where you can pause it and get up to feed the cats or something? Like Blair Witch Project, from which it takes a number of cues, Paranormal Activity is all about tension, not necessarily effects. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t inspire similarly lousy sequels.

A Perfect GetawayTimothy Olyphant and Milla Jovovich anchor this 70s sleaze throwback directed by David Twohy that puts three couples in a tense cat-and-mouse game in the jungles of Hawaii – but we’re never quite sure who the predator is and who the prey. It’s not anything ambitious but it’s tense as hell.