Headline: Global Picture Painted By Street Fighter Not Entirely Accurate After-All

It would seem that a number of gamers from South Korea are not at all pleased with how their home turf is being portrayed in the upcoming Super Street Fighter 4. Some might recall that one of the new faces, Juri, is from there, but her accompanying backdrop looks very un-Korean like in reality. Offenses include an overabundance of Chinese characters throughout (while Chinese characters are prevalent all throughout Asia, there really is hardly any Korean type anywhere), the somewhat questionable clothing choices of the background characters (pretty much everyone in in Korea where the most latest of threads, no joke, at least in Seoul), and the lack of skyscrapers (it’s no joke to say that Korea is giving Japan a run for it’s money as the new crown jewel of modern Asia).

BTW, if anyone out there understands Japanese could please go through the source and its comments to pick out all the kimchee and dog meat jokes made my snarky Japanese gamers (Google translate hints at a few, but most are mangled, since it’s Google you know), I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Now here’s the deal: I myself happen to be Korean! Well, half-Korean technically, but still. And I don’t have a huge problem with the background; it simply reminds me of the sleepy little villages that my mom used to take me to visit extended family, though I agree that the lack of tall, modern buildings in the distance does hurt things. My beef lies with Juri herself. Not to stereotype, but she honestly looking nothing like any of my cousins:

Not saying that every Korean chick looks exactly the same (trust me, I’ve heard every Asian look-a-like joke out there today), but there is a general consistency that is sorely lacking here. At most I’ll say that Capcom is going for a club look that is completely missing the mark, though I blame the overall crap character design work that’s plagued SF4 since day one over any lack of worldly understanding. Still, Capcom is totally missing the boat here, to be the first to present a virtual Korean hottie. At least the dude side has been taken care of thanks to Namco and SNK:


Via Kotaku