Particularly Lame Attempts At Appealing To Gamers

1260260043_lame1.jpgThat seems to be the prevailing attitude behind a new advertising campaign that Hanes has whipped together. Yes, the underwear and sock people. They just launched a new ad campaign called Game In Comfort that presents a bunch of videos that demonstrate how comfortable undergarments is the key to gaming success.


It’s hard to know what the advertisers are going for. I guess kudos for not being the intelligence of gamers, like 99% of all ads aimed at that target demo, but it’s not exactly enthralling either. It’s just there for a lack of a better term; never before have I felt so limp towards an ad that’s aimed squarely at me. There’s also another series of vids that are kinda like those educational film strips from the 50s, narrator and all. And of course there’s an interactive component; visitors are encouraged to leave their own gaming tips, but most of them honestly seem like stuff the advertisers came up with themselves, just to fill space.

But again, none of it is particularly offense. Not like this:

And yes, it’s safe to assume that it’s fake. The two idiots behind the stunt are trying to make a name for themselves by going the Punk’d route, as evidenced by some of their other vids (here’s another fine example of their comedic prowess, or lack thereof), and that’s REALLY depressing if you stop to think about it. But back to the Xbox clip: why? Because certain individuals are obsessed with racking up massive YouTube hits and getting as many channel subscribers as possible, and one sure fire means of nabbing cheap and easy attention is to needlessly destroy perfectly good video game consoles. Trashing hardware is hardly exclusive to gaming; when the iPhone first came out, folks were practically tripping over themselves to be the first on their block to have the device just so they could them immediately smash it with a hammer.

Meanwhile, the ones aimed squarely at gamers have a slightly different feel; they’re somewhat more mean spirited and are primarily designed to elicit what I like to call “GAMER NERD RAAAGGGEEE!!!” An example of this is how (what are supposed to be) attractive femailes are generally the ones to dish out the abuse, cuz, you know, all video game dorks are virgins who have never felt the tender caress of a female’s touch, and therefore hate the opposite sex with a deep seated passion. Here’s another one, this time featuring a PS3:

That one seems a tad bit more legitimate, though it’s interesting to note how it opens up in the same exact manner as the first, but does it even matter? One could write a whole college thesis on the bizarre psycho-sexual connotations behind such acts.

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