Tekken: The Movie Vs. King Of Fighters: The Movie… FIGHT

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday is how the live action Mortal Kombat adaptation is actually pretty damn awesome, all things considered. Dare I say it’s the Citizen Kane of video game flicks? It’s the one that pretty much all others are compared to and strive to be. The key to Mortal Kombat the movie’s success, far as I can tell, is how it just sticks to the source material; most of the key characters somewhat resemble their virtual counterparts, the movie’s plot was just as paper-thin as the game’s, and that’s okay, but most importantly it’s just one fight scene after another after another after another. Something that pretty much everyone else, from the first crappy live action Street Fighter flick to the most recent one that just featured Chun Lu, has all dropped the ball on.

And on that note, there’s yet another big screen adaptation of a small screen brawler on the horizon. This one based on The King of Fighters. And how does it look thus far? Check for yourself:

Despite the fact that it’s being directed by acclaimed martial arts director Gordon Chan (track down his remake of Bruce Lee’s Fists of Fury, Fist of Legend, starring Jet Li, which might actually be better than the original), and has oodles of fight scenes apparently, the thing as a whole looks to be complete garbage.

Then you have the live-action Tekken flick. There’s no trailer just, but at least Twitch was able to unearth a poster:


At least they got the gloves right. Then again, it’s hard to say without a trailer to judge from, but I have a bad feeling about this. Anyway, to help cleanse the palette, here’s that live-action version of Street Fighter Alpha 2 that was all the rage a few months back. For better or worse, it’s guaranteed to be far better than either the KOF or Tekken movies can ever hope to be: