The Time For Mega Man 10 Has Finally Come


As just revealed over at Nintendo Power, the tenth installment of the original Mega Man series is finally on its way. For fans of the Blue Bomber in his prime element, this is fantastic news. Mind you, it’s more of the same, but many wouldn’t have it any other way: another one robot war against eight new Robot Masters, and the evil mastermind that’s pulling their strings, either Dr. Wily or some other threat, who turns out to be Dr. Wily after-all. But a few others out there I’m sure was not happy with this latest announcement.

I’m talking about the many out there who have been waiting for the original Mega Man series to finally connect with the Mega Man X line. So in one foul swoop, 16 years of fan speculation, theories, and fiction have been tossed out the window. And guess what? I’m one of those people, as silly as it sounds. Granted, I haven’t penned any Mega Man fan-fic, but still, it would have helped to breathe new life into the franchise, instead of just making the game punishing difficult. Hence why ever the most ardent Mega Man diehard that I personally know never bothered finishing part 9.

Though I’m fairly certain both camps can agree: Sheep Man? Oy vey.