The Truth Behind Evony

I’m certain most of you are at least somewhat familiar with Evony, the browser based Civilization clone that’s primarily known for their banner ads featuring mostly tits that’re all across the web. To the point that many are absolutely sick of the game without ever playing the damn thing. Meanwhile, those who were actually enraptured by such uncreative advertising (perhaps it’s not unfair to assume that these same people also mindlessly forward stupid chain emails and easily get viruses on their PCs all the time) have discovered that there are actually zero breasts involved and the game looks an awful like Age of Empires. Mostly since many of the graphics elements have been supposedly stolen from it! Though the full extent of insidiousness goes even further, as illustrated by this rather exhaustively researched and detailed YouTube video:

The expose is practically on the level a 20/20, Dateline NBC, or something similar, and does an amazing job of proving that Evony is the greatest threat to the internet since the Y2K bug. Enough to make one wonder what in the hell the creator of Evony ever did to the creator of the video, “EvonyFraud.” Don’t get me wrong, much of what’s spelled out is legitimately wrong, especially the shameless ripping off of other people’s intellectual property and identities (even if they are porn stars). But giving so much attention to Evony is like acknowledging a message board troll; in the end, both parties end up looking like losers.

BTW, here’s his second video, which is a commercial parody:

The Chinese accent sounded fake at first, so I immediately thought the dude was trying way too hard to make his point and was being a douche in the process, but then some real-deal Mandarin kicks in at the end, so the joke’s on me! Via Gossip Gamers.

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